Pets confirmed!


Guys, it is confirmed, there will be Pets in Conan Exiles:

You have to look at the stream chat, bottom right of screen.

And here is my reaction to Funcoms robtheswede unofficially announcing Pets in Conan Exiles:

There is no way around it now, Pets will happen, sooner or later. :smiley:

@robtheswede: and don’t forget about the killer shark (or maybe some other rare fish)! :wink:


Hi Moos…,
Robtheswede didnt promised it on your stream, but a few days ago also Joel Bylos (on reddit) and Jens Erik (CE Discord) talked about and made some innuendos about pets after launch :grinning:
I am almost sure you will get your little baby elephant.
and @robtheswede I still wont tell the others about half life 3


Of course he didn’t promise it, but I still know I will get my little baby elephant zoo…sooner or later. :slight_smile:


Is it me, or do non-combat pets seem to not fit the concept of Conan and exiles fighting to survive at all?


Yes and no…

From a pure survival PoV. No, not really.

From a status PoV, absolutely, same goes for any type of expensive/time consuming embellishment of your base really, it’s a means of showing off your ‘untouchable’ status on the server.

Till someone avatar stomps you in the ground of course! :joy:

Other then that, training hyena pups as guard dogs would absolutely fit with the game.


I second what @Azazane said, apart from crafting your armor and weapons and food everything more is luxury and when you are able to create luxury in a survival enironment, then you are just showing that you are good at surviving. And don’t forget that there are a ton of PvE servers and players that would surely love to have a little fun with pets in the game. Wolves as guarddogs at the entrance to my throneroom would fit in with the lore aswell imo.


When I survived the beginning and built up my empire you will feel my domination when you enter the silver hall of my throneroom. There you will knee in front of my golden throne fixed by the cold blue eyes of my white wolf. You and the people will call me „The great one“:muscle:


Do we talk about pets as kind of fighting-thralls or pets as some kind of accessoire? I hope the first one.


I assume the last one, but everything is possible.

I heard that only today, if you club a bunny with a truncheon and then put it in the wheel of pain, you get a mad easterbunny as pet. Not officially confirmed yet, but I saw a video about it. Will try as soon as I get a chance to log on.

Edit: Obvious April Fools comment. xD


By Crom, could they not leave the damn pets out of the game…


Happy April fools day! :smiley:


I knew it! :smiley:


As long as the pets are more Fallout “Dogmeat” cannon fodder and not “Dead 2 Rights’” weaponized fur, a pet system wouldn’t be so bad. I’d actually enjoy an old school ‘use it, risk losing it’ pet system where the pets value in game is more sentimental and athsteic than advantagous.

Only time I’ve experienced an in game pet system not being OP where combat was their main purpose was how the original NeverWinter Nights translated the 3.x DnD animal empathy and druid animal companion mechanics in the game. It forced you to go about managing two weaker characters, that created a greater whole, and you were (rightfully) screwed if you lost one. It wasn’t more powerful than anything else. It just gave you another way to experience the game worlds people made.


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