Isle of Siptah dlc worth it?

If I own Ilse of Siptah, can I get pets/mounts on the exiles map? I don’t wanna start completely over just for pets/mounts

Yea but can I find pets/mounts on the exile map if I own Siptah

Siptah is a smaller map than Exiles and I don’t want to play the map, I just want mounts/pets on the original map. Is that possible?

Ok, Are there pets/mounts on the original map? Do I need to purchase Siptah for that option? If not, I don’t to buy a single little island that’s not connected to the original map.

Not sure how to make my question more clear…

Can I have mounts/pets WITHOUT PURCHASING Isle of Siptah?

Yes. Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah both have pets AND mounts. Some are the same, for example horses, wolves bears and rhinos are on both maps.

Some are unique to Siptah. You need the Siptah DLC to turn a rhino into a mount, but if you have Siptah you can have a rhino mount OR pet on the Exiled Lands. If you don’t have Siptah, you can have a pet rhino on the Exiled Lands but not a rhino mount. Does that make sense?

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What it lacks is square footage it makes up for in content. A lot to do and a good time at that. Definitely worth a shot, even if you just boot up a side character to run around it

What can I tame for a mount on exiled without buying Siptah?

Only a horse. Horse and Rhino are the only mounts. But if you know someone who owns Siptah they can tame a rhino, make a saddle and give them to you.

Yes. There are several ways to do that. Totally possible!

Yes. There are some pets in Siptah that do not exist on Exiled Lands though. Maybe some pet armor too. Mounts I think are all the same - Saddles too IIRC. And yes, if you own Isle Of Siptah, you can bring those things into the Exiled Lands map.

I think JUST the content from IoS is worth about $15 ~ $20 or something. If we also consider the map and the new map bound assets (like dungeons and vaults, and so on) then it’s worth as much at the base game again, np!

I would say Siptah is worth it ONLY IF it were a map addition to the original. Playing as a standalone…ya’ll enjoy your purchase. Thank you though for the replies

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Why make a major DLC its own standalone instead of adding the island to the original. Why waste those resources. Just make Conan 2 then…

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Not that smaller. Its roughly less then 10%. You really want to ignore an entirely new map and content because of less then 10%?

Use the search on the forums. This has been discussed ad nauseum.


Since you refuse to look yourself, here is the VERY SHORT tldr

Map can’t and won’t be expanded on due to limitations of the engine version (I already know what you are going to say, no they can’t just press the update button on the engine version either), server resources, and other optimization reasons.

Further, if this is your argument…

Then I ask why is Conan Exiles the only game in existence not allowed to create a map expansion? Yet any other competing Survival Sandbox game (or MMO, or pretty much ANY GAME made EVER that’s had an Expansion) is allowed to make as many as they want (heck, people cheer and throw money at those paid expansions soon as possible). But Conan Exiles makes an expansion and you all go (and continue) to scream about it.

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In most of those “other” games your character can walk from map to map, have the same bank account, same items, same everything. Only a 2 to 5 second load screen separates the maps. All items and possessions are global across all maps.

And from a code and topological design POV, Funcom will have to change their system if they plan to continue expanding Conan Exiles much more. That’s not even debatable, but I’m sure some will try…


Why did you bother to make this post? You answer your own questions, you are rude, and I would just say to the people that have tried to answer your questions and help you, do not cast your pearls before swine.




Play a bit the game and then start the comparisons please. You are very new and probably naive. Ark cannot touch Conan exiles, totally different game, totally. Both of the games are beautiful and unique, but Conan exiles is best… sorry.
In this game pets are not the key, but the thralls. Your T Rex is a Berserker, but most of all you have a combat system with too many weapons and combos. You are not a static person on a birds back shooting with rifle scope.
Ark is good, different, but not Conan, not even close.

And yes, Siptah worth it, in time you’ll understand…
Welcome exile, have fun.


You don’t have to start over with Siptah either.

Ah the ole “reskinned” term widely used by “gamers.” Not even going to bother touching that one.

Sounds like you think everything revolves around Ark though so, have fun playing Ark and throwing money at every expansion (hence, the freaking irony of your demands of forcing something that you have no clue how it works but yet will eagerly toss money at Ark for doing the EXACT same thing).


Berserker? Has Teimos already been nerfed?


It depends on the angle of the dangle.