No rhino saddle available to make or create

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Co-op
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Private

Bug Description:

Rhino saddle

Bug Reproduction:

There is no rhino saddles in worktable and can’t admin create them

Do you own the Siptah DLC? Riding rhinos was part of the Siptah DLC.

No, but the recipe was listed to learn

So, i more confused now if rhino mounts are for the DLC and i don’t have it, why are all my rhino summonded as mounts and not pets. This makes them all unless because they dont fight and can’t be mounted.

Summons are different, they are only temporary.

Sorry didn’t mean to use summoning but place a tame pet thrall rhino

Placing a tamed rhino is identical with or without the Siptah DLC, it is the DLC that allows you to craft the saddle, and obviously it can’t be ridden without a saddle. You could get someone else on your server to make you the saddle and then you will be able to ride it, but last I checked, crafting rhino saddles is locked behind the Siptah DLC.

Actually I think the Turan DLC also had them, I remember using them pre-Siptah.
But yes @Havoclord69 in essence when you place a Rhino they should be like any other normal pet, should follow you and even fight if set up like such. Putting the saddle on them is what actually converts them to mounts, until then they function as pets.

At least that was the case last I checked, unless the new changes affected Rhinos as I haven’t tried them post 3.0

The Turan DLC has the Caravan Rhino and Caravan Elephant but no saddles for rhino as far as I know. I’ve often used a Caravan Rhino instead of a bearer. Easier to get and tame since you just need to grab a baby rhino and put it in an animal pen with plant fibers and once it’s done to give it the food crafted to make it a Cravan Rhino. same process with elephant but I find baby elephant rarer on the Exiles Map.

Oh yea, the caravan stuff :slight_smile:
Hmmm… :thinking: that also means I already had Siptah sooner than I remember if that single available saddle was ‘leaking’ over from that at the time - now we have multiple from Siptah so I figured maybe that one was from a different pack. Thanks for the clarification!

Oh the Savannah biome in the middle of the dogs of desert settlements has tons of them :slight_smile: so the more yellow-ish part of the map that begins in G7

In my game my thrall rhinos are all mount verison they have no fighter thrall option in the thrall’s menu it only have follow distance and mount. I don’t have the dlc but they all act as if i did and are come out as mounted only verison. Plus in the feat page in saddle the rhino saddle is listed to learn the light medium and heavy. I genuinely angry that all my rhinos are now useless as they are no long fighter pets but mounts and i can’t even make a saddle to mount them

I just tested it, it has been changed indeed since last I used rhinos

Now the small regular Rhinos are dedicated mounts, they do have an initial “guard me” setup, however they will flee in combat using the horse AI.
All bigger versions of Rhinos function as pets only and do not have a saddle slot… so Black Rhino, White Rhino, Greater Rhino pets are combat pets only, while simple Rhino is mount-only
If however you convert a normal Rihno to a Caravan Rhino, it becomes a combat pet as well.

thx for testing but as most of my rhinos were already placed in the world and can’t be converted, i don’t think i can convert them anymore

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