Rhino saddle problem

Hello. There was a problem with the DLC. Half a year ago I bought the Turan DLC. Everything was fine. Saddled a rhino and pumped it completely. Then I gave up the game for a while. Yesterday I decided to play it. Raised a rideable rhinoceros. But I can’t make a saddle for him. He’s not on the list. There are only standard horse saddles. What could be the problem?

turanian rhinos are pets not mounts, you make them in inventory using turanian fodder

Fodder created in the Alchemy Bench and from gruel and some misc. items.

If memory serves correctly, being able to craft Rhino saddles is only available to Siptah DLC/Expansion owners. Turanian DLC has pack rhinos, no saddles. If you were able to craft saddles, you must have the Siptah DLC, perhaps you need to go into the game properties in your Steam menu and make sure that DLC is checked and loading in?


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