Saddles for rhino's

Are they not activated or what I have to do to craft saddles for rhino’s? I buy the talents where it is shown but on the saddler bench there are only saddles for horses at the moment.
Thx for information of someone know more about this

Isn’t PS4 patch due tomorrow morning-ish?
anyhow they auto-unlock along novice, jurneyman and expert saddle maker

In the talents it is shown but at the saddler bench there are only saddles for horses.
So they coming later with a patch not with siptha?

@community can you give some info’s please?

As far as I am aware, you should be able to have the option to craft a rhino saddle as long as you have the Saddle Maker recipe line learned. Have you updated to 2.4? I believe you also have to have Siptah purchased to see the option, as Rhino Mounts are specific to Siptah.


Ahhh OK thx andy now I get it and see the highlighting of the siptah dlc saddle. Thought that this is a spacial one and not the same showing in the talents menu for normal saddles.

So my pve rhino have to wait until the fixes for the new and old bugs are out and I can buy siptah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: primary the pvec loading issue I am waiting for a half year now to continue my Conan journey. Currently I try to heal my exile addiction on a pve and see what’s new.

And I don’t know… On the one hand I can say great work but on the other hand I have to spend more time to see if Conan is seriously playable for me again

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