Question about Rhino Mount


yesterday, when I placed a Rhino, I got the Mount Journey Step.

I do not own Siptah DLC.

Will I be able to create a saddle for this rhino, and ride it?

If not, I think receiving the Journey step is a bit misleading.

Thanks in advance.

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should be able, only i think u wont be able to paint them. but ride yes - atleast half year ago on exile lands i was able to ride them

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You could find some one on the server to craft saddle plenty of people playing Exiles and Siptah matter of gathering supplies.

You cannot craft a saddle, but someone else could for you, and then you could ride the pony…err…rhino, as long as you are taller than the clown.


They have two horns, though…

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It’s like 1 and 1/3rd of a horn, so you round down? Mudericorns!

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