Introduce Mounts Please

Ground and water mounts would make Conan so much more appealing to more players.

Flying mounts perhaps too broken, but something to think about.

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I don’t know…I love so much about this game but I feel like they’ve proven to us that player/animal interactions are not their strong suit. Do we really think the benefits would outweigh the problems that would probably be introduced?

Only mounts I want is FLYING DRAGONS? Is it possible?

I played this before the maproom came into the game, the size of the world has shrunk a bit since the introduction. But I guess the players got lazy…

You really should check World of Warcraft, there are some awesome Dragon mounts there.

Personally not bothered with mounts tbh, dont get me wrong, if the option to sit on my rhino or elephant was giving i’d use it but the map dont actually take very long just to run from point a to b especially if you got maproom an how easy it is to build an unlock the tp points

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