No flying mounts or water mounts

Ark did flying and water mounts. My head hurted after trying to get use to them. I get motion since on flying and water mounts. Flying and water mounts would add noob and solo player griefing. As well as make large tribes OP. I see Flying and water mounts as a abuse way to harass players.

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There will never be Flying mounts. They said it repeatedly during early access. There will not be mounts period without a complete overhaul of the map and how the game loads the terrain, so don’t expect them.

There are pets and sorcery coming to the game in the near future though.

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I would not mind horses, as Conan is rarely on foot for too long. Even so, it takes surprisingly little time to traverse the map. I’m fine on foot.


Even if they gave us mounts that travel at our run speed and never tire at that speed it would save us time.


I would totally be fine with a Horse that ran at a canter without a galloping sprint, or a Camel who could carry extra supplies and move at our pace. Those would very much fit the lore and be QOL conveniences to many players.


No mounts we were told a long time ago this is a dead issue. Funcom put a fork in and declared its done for dinner.

Not going to happen there is a technical deficit I think with how the mapping works.

Mounts would trivialize the content even more so than it already is.

You can literally run over everything in this game besides world bosses and a couple of the main quest bosses.

Do we really need a “war elephant” when you can already kill every random mob in the game with one heavy combo at level 60?

As far as mounts are concerned. They do (by the live streams) want to add mounts. I mean its Hyboria, what would it be without horses and camels for us to ride/punch?

The limitation is how the world map is loaded. Its loaded in 1024m chunks (iirc). When you move faster than normal speed, sometimes you will run into a chunk that hasn’t physically loaded yet and fall through the world.

Now for many of us playing around in singleplayer with the admin tool. We don’t see this iissue, even if we use a 5x speed. But our systems can handle it. The issue is with 5400rpm HHDs or slower GPUs, and especially with Xbox/PS4. So unfortunately we’re being limited by the minimum specs of the game. I wish those could be higher, but it’d make it a PC only game in that case.

The fix is to make the chunks smaller and load in with a priority with the direction you travel. They know how to make this work. Its not hard. But it is tedious. It means splitting the map into smaller chunks. Going from 1024m to 512m means 4x the number of chunks to map. Going from 1024 to 256 is 16x the number.

Its boring work. Its tedious. And most importantly its time consuming. I think it will probably happen. It would improve a few things for lower end systems. They could further set the draw distance lower and squeeze alot more frames per second on low end machines and consoles. But it won’t be soon. It will happen when its done and not before hand.

In the mean time, we would probably get to see player speed mounts that could serve as mobile storage. Mules, donkeys, and camels would be great both aesthetically and in use. Once they fix bearer thralls, we’ll probably see these get added too.

Hell I’d love to see bears be able to ride these mounts and add even more storage. Watching a clan move with an entire caravan of stuff with wagons and stuff would be pretty cool to watch.

And to raid. Remember what is good in life.


Must be fun to have a clan.

is it about hearing the lamentations of the camels?

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Why bother making a taming system if you cannot tame any mounts? Apart from camels to carry your stuff there is no reason to tame anything. The AI just sucks too much to be of any use in battle.s For carrying stuff, yes sounds awesome but that is it.

I was looking forward to ride a horse, camel, hell maybe a panther or such but now I would just be disappointed if they didnt put any mounts out.

Oh it’s definitely cool if you decked out an elephant and rode it around, I won’t deny that.

What I don’t want to do is for Funcom to make the game even easier than it already is and further trivialize the survival aspect of the game.

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I don’t like flying mounts and water mounts.

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I do like flying mounts and water mounts

I want a war turtle…

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A horse and a flying dragon would make this game appealing. They ought to allow this in single play, first. They can observe and test out how much their audience enjoys this aspect. If they really want us to invite our friends to play this game then it would be up to them to make the effort in improving the overall gaming experience. I am upset by the building decay system and I think in a certain game mode they should make this game for the dreamers and not exclude them. My thoughts, thanks.

I hope they will never add any type of flying mounts, i like the aspect of having to go on foot through “dangerous” parts to get to a destination.
Adding flyers will just make the map seem even smaller letting you fly over all the dangerous stuff you don’t want to deal with.

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Hurt is already the past tense of itself… “Hurted” is not a word.

No it wont, at lest for me and I guess the majority of players. The maps are simply WAY to small for normal mount and flying I don’t even want to think about!

For ground based mount we would need like 4 times as big map. Flying? 10 or 15 times the area we have today.

Then, Funcom has their new work cut out for them - make a larger map. I want my pony and I want it now. Hurry, expand, expand - I’m willing to pay a monthly fee for an expansion that brings in a flying reptile.