We want Horses###

Who else wants horses to travel the map it takes way too long to go from south to north please add this into the game


Mounts are not possible, the game engine restricts mounts from ever being implemented. If players go over a certain speed, bad things happen.


Then we need slow flying horses. Problem solved :slight_smile:

We don’t need horses or mounts of any kind. We already have map rooms that will instantaneously zip you almost anywhere on the map. If there are no map rooms in the areas you like to go, build one.


I say we need Horses, even if they are just as fast as a player running but without Stamina loss.


I like it, that’s a great idea.

Or have the ability to send out a scout in form of an tamed hawk? :sunglasses:

Obelisks and maprooms?

The map is super small as you get to know it, mounts will be a mess as the map is just too small.

so no mounts or horses to mount imo.

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Excuse me : you want horses. Not everybody :wink:


Asset loading cant even keep up with running speed.

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I love Funcom, but I don’t buy this argument because you can run unreasonably fast (faster than any mount would ever run) in admin mode and guess what happens? Nothing. It isn’t until you do like 1000000000000x normal speed that things get weird. Test it out sometime, if you haven’t already.

I personally don’t care if mounts or added or not, but I think the explanation that they gave about streaming speed being an issue just isn’t true.

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This happens in ARK as well, but no one cares. They just wait for the builds to load.

So sick of that excuse, especially when there is an obvious solution staring me right in the face: Just don’t let players go over that certain speed while on the mount. (As in I’d be fine if mounts just let us move at sprint speed constantly without using up our stamina…)


And what is your suggestion on taming mounts or if they will be killable by players? or if you die and your mount gets left on the other side of the world? Mounts won’t happen, thats it. Want mounts? Play singleplayer or a private server, surely someone can mod mounts into the world like many other things and we will see if they break the game with the speed or not.

The reason mounts don’t work is because the world loads around the player. If you go over a certain speed you will fall under the map. There is no fix for this.

Clearly you still don’t get why this argument is BS in regards to mounts…

Mounts don’t need to go faster than the map can load, we can have mounts without having to fix the damn loading problem you keep using as an excuse. How hard is that to comprehend? Just have the use of mounts buff or eliminate the stamina cost of moving at sprint speed. (And perhaps remove any encumbrance while mounted up too.)

I don’t want horses, mounts or pets of any sort.

If you want that go play Ark.

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Yeah, they don’t fit in this game. High level players will just grab a bunch of mounts and hunt down newbies who will have no chance to run away or hide.

Yeah, right. And lets get rid of PvP. If you want that go and play CoD. Or take Base building out of the Game. If you want that go and play Minecraft. See what i did there? :wink:

Did you miss the part were i said “Mods?”

Horses and packmules. Maybe even caravans and handcarts.
And horses wouldn’t have to go exceptionally fast. A little faster, at a trot, than the player’s normal run speed, then considerably faster at a gallop, but with stamina, like the player.

Maybe even with combat capeabilities - while mounted, the ability to trample enemies, but have to watch out for pike/spear users, and palisades, as they would be devastating to horses, but less so to a player on foot.