We need more mounts

It’s been years since mounts were introduced in the game, and no new mounts have been introduced since. Years that we only ever have horses and useless rhinos.
Useless because there is no good and valid reason to use them.

This game needs more mounts and they have a utility.

Currently the only useful mount is the horse, which is mainly used to move but also to fight.
The rhinoceros is almost never used, because its clumsiness and poor maneuverability is not compensated by any skill useful for war or combat.

It would be nice to have other mounts with specific abilities, for example:


  • Ability to use them as siege weapons
  • Cannot use any weapon while riding, with the attack key, the mount makes a fang attack
  • Ability to mount a saddle that can carry a thrall archer

Carnivorous mount (wolf, tiger, bear, dinosaurs):

  • Ability to harvest flesh and skin from corpses (with attack key)
  • Ability to perform attacks (heavy and light attack)
  • Ability to make long jumps

Amphibious mount (crocodile, lizard, giant turtle)

  • Ability to swim at high speed
  • being able to go underwater faster than swimming without a mount

What mount would you like to see in game? With what skills?



Sorry, none of these are amphibious. The animal types you’ve listed are reptilian, as is the dinosaurs option you also listed. Also, bears don’t fit into carnivorous either, considering roughly 75% of their diet are plants.


This is one of the possibilities coming in this age during another chapter. Most likely a camel though. We’ll hopefully know more in this week’s dev stream.

The most recent was a Warthog mount. Ride the pig!

Just Camels for me please. :dromedary_camel: Other members and myself have been requesting them for a good while now.



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I never use a mount so have no need of more.

I wish for elephants, camels, donkeys and mules as mounts in the game. Everything else seems too high fantasy to me. I know there were wolves and tigers in Age of Conan, but that was just awful to watch.

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I would have sworn they talked about a new mount in the AoW dev stream a few months ago

I had my fill of Camels after being gifted one on Siptah, and it joined my warriors in a battle against an Accursed purge.

I’d love to have camels as mounts, but I’m a pessimist these days, and as such I fully expect them to nerf the inventory space for camel mounts, down to something like 5 or 10.

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Camels (and camel-like animals), as well as donkeys, and elephants are definitely something I wouldn’t mind.

Anything else doesn’t make any sense. There’s mods for that level of fantasy.


Agreed. Maybe dolphins if we had more water areas, because dolphins are awesome. But all that nonsense about riding wolves and tigers belongs in fantasy. Go ahead and ride a warg if you’re a goblin or a Pini-elf - not if you’re a muscle-bound barbarian. (I guess I could accept a green tiger with yellow-orange stripes as a mount for a muscle-bound barbarian.)

And, um, there’s already a game for dinosaur lovers. Not that we know if those could be tamed and trained as mounts, because there’s no historical precedent of anyone trying.

But camels. Camels are the most versatile beast we could get for the game. They can act as mounts, as pack animals, and as punching bags. We need camels.

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Yes I too am wondering why I have this picture in my folder?


Best not to think too much into it but you know you want it .


This was already a thing in Age of Conan, expect that neither Mammoths nor Elephants have fangs. They have Tusks. Still, they have this in Age of Conan and it was horrible.

Yeah they have this in Age of Conan as well. Not of fan of these either.

Where the heck do you see dinosaurs in Hyboria? You do realize they went extinct 65 million years prior to the Hyborian Age (well expect for the fact that they still exist in the form of birds but that point aside…).

Just…no… :woman_facepalming:


They already mentioned that elephant mount is coming but it didnt make into this update, but its coming! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Headcanon. My character on Siptah can use an Antediluvian Elephant as a mount. And in response to the person who doubts Dinosaurs exist in Conan. They are in Robert E. Howard’s written work. Dinos do exist in the lore, despite The Hyborian Age likely taking place during the Pleistocene Epoch.

If you’re referring to the “dragon” in Red Nails, it was the last of its kind, and it got deaded. And despite the Marvel Comics artist drawing it as a (nonsensically carnivorous) stegosaurus, Howard’s own description leaves much to the reader’s imagination.

“Grinning jaws bared rows of dripping yellow tusks; above the yawning mouth wrinkled a saurian-like snout. Huge eyes, like those of a python a thousand times magnified - -. The head, bigger than that of a crocodile, was further extended on a long scaled neck on which stood up rows of serrated spikes, and after it - - the body of a titan, a gigantic, barrel-bellied torso on absurdly short legs. The whitish belly almost raked the ground, while the serrated back-bone rose higher than Conan could have reached on tiptoe. A long spiked tail, like that of a gargantuan scorpion, trailed out behind.”

I was referring to a book that Howard and H.P. Lovecraft collaborated on, that had a few species of Dinosaur in the northern Hyborian continent, including a Tyrannosaurus.

How about just chariots? Needs two horses and the advantage of this is stability of the ride so you can get better aiming. Charging damage is larger than a steed but turning is crap.

No, they most certainly are not. Even the “Dragon” as pointed out by @Kapoteeni can not by even the wildest stretch of the imagination be considered to be either a dragon nor a dinosaur is you know anything about the anatomy of dinosaurs. So you are going to have to do a little better than that, and we both already know that you cannot. So no, Dinosaurs did NOT exist in the Hyborian Age.

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