Faction's for hire, siege and "mounts"

I know many anticipated the mount feature but I would immediately ask for a turn-off switch on our private server for any speed mounts. Speed Mounts in every game I’ve played with them make the game worse.

-They make the world smaller, which is always bad when trying to keep every area relevant.
-They allow players to skip content and/or challenges. If you add mounts, you will HAVE to add npc’s on mounts to keep up otherwise people will easily ignore them. Same with wildlife, they will need a speed increase to keep up which means more work.
-If you add mounts in a realistic summoning system it will be a constant nuisance to keep alive as it follows you into battles or when you navigate terrain.
-If you add mounts after all the coding for npc attacks are finished you have to update them to remain relevant to mount speed otherwise they will never be able to land an attack.

Now I do think they could add mounts in 2 forms, 1 that is widely talked about and another that was “promised” long ago.

===Pack mules: Slow moving animals with the ability to carry extra loot. Whether you want to gather extra resources before returning home or want to transport goods from one base to another in bulk. Selection would include Donkey(T1), Camels(T2) Elk(T2), Elephant(T3) Mammoth(T3).

=Drawbacks included:
-All animals need food and water to survive once taken out of their holding pen/post. Depending on tier, they need more. Plant fiber is the cheap source and an upgraded recipe (Animal feast) being slightly better at fueling them. Alternatively you can walk them towards a bush and they will “harvest” it by consuming the plant. As for water, all animals have a built in watering jug on their pack which will need to be filled occasionally. Depending on the animal, they store and consume water at different amounts. Taking them to a body of water you can also command them to drink and refill both their water needs and the jug. The purpose of this feature is to keep players from always using T3 animals for harvesting and use them for large transportation of goods from base to base. T2 will be common for higher levels.

-Animals are affected by temperature. Depending on the region, you will want to use the corresponding animal otherwise they can start to take damage and die. T1 is for beginners so it will have the basic temperature capability of the desert where it isn’t scolding, and the north where it isn’t snowing. This is so aesthetically people don’t bring animals to regions that don’t make sense, like a mammoth in the desert.

===Seige Beasts: Large armored beasts intended for use in warfare. Taking a long time to train and having a short life span, once released from their post can be commanded to take on heavy damage and put it right back to structures and other beasts. Selection would include Hyena(Spot/Stripe)(T1) Wolf(Dire/Grey)(T1), Bear(Black/Brown)(T2) Gorilla(T2) Kappa(Green/Red)(T2), Rhino(Grey/Black/White)(T3).

=Drawbacks included:
-Take a long time to train, also anything T2 or T3 will require a “Pack mule” mount of equal tier to carry back to your base. Knocking them out also will be drastically scaled up depending on tier so bring friends.

-Can only have 1 siege beast follow you at any given time, which will act like a thrall following you so you cannot have both.

-Once released from post, depending on their tier and quality of training(depends on thrall tier who trains at post) they cannot be put back in the post and have an expiration timer. The timer gets turned off once the beast is released to attack the enemy/base or if they die before then. Once released from following to attack mode they have a new timer started which will keep them “Friendly” towards you and your allies. After this timer if they are still alive, they are returned to their natural state and can be recaptured or killed off.

===Faction: Through various side quests, trades, hunting and commitment other factions once allied start to offer war assistance in the form of mercenaries and beasts (if they have any to offer). Starting with small groups (5?) of T1 guards to larger raids (10?) of T3 guards (set limit per tier) or alternatively bringing a small group of their beasts to follow you into battle. The Dogs of the Desert can offer a group (3?) of werewolves which have the ability to climb(They have an internal cooldown of 15 seconds after being knocked off a wall before they will attempt to do it again. This is to prevent them from climbing an unclimbable wall over and over). The Frost giants have only 1 hire option for a group (3?) of their giants who have a lot of damage and health.

=Drawbacks included:
-You lose a very small amount of faction respect for each of their recruitments’ deaths. The total amount will not turn the faction against you but you will have to work back up their respect before you can rehire anymore.

-Long cooldown on this hiring ability across all factions. You will not be able to go from faction to faction if you fail to raid. Cooldown in the area of about 48 hours.

-Similar to siege beasts, all faction groups have a timer of following you, but have no secondary timer. They stop when they die or the enemy does. This ofcourse means you won’t want to stop until they do.

-Also similar to siege beasts, you cannot have a thrall or beast follow you with these faction recruitments. This is to keep the purpose strategic in your attack and not overwhelm the enemy (likely offline) with an easy pve win. Different clan mates can of course coordinate this between each other.

-Faction beasts, despite their size, cannot deal structural damage above the highest grade weapon that players can. They are intended for other beasts and humanoids.

===Siege: Either in the form of ammo or machines, these are offered exclusively by factions. They are crafted by the respective faction engineer who require a vast amount of resources to create and also come with a very long cooldown between crafting. These siege methods include:

-Black Hand(Cannon on wheels, comes with many (15?) shots)

-Relic Hunters(Basket of snakes (15?), these replace explosive jars in both the placeable and trebuchet ammo form. Each basket releases several (7?) snakes upon breaking or being tipped over)

-Darfari Cannibals(Blood Jars (9?), replacing both the placeable and trebuchet explosive jar these use ritualized blood to release a field of corruption in a large area of effect once spilled or broken. Possession of these jars causes corruption to the holder.

-Heirs of the North(Battering Ram, with the high strength of the northern forests they can craft a powerful battering ram which deals massive damage to doors (light damage to walls). The ram comes with a roof to help protect the thralls sent to push the machine from arrows.

Forgotten Tribe(Jar of bones(2), this jar replaces the trebuchet or placeable exploding jar, releasing 3 skeletons with heavy armor, and 2H weapons. These knights attacks cause intense corruption if they hit you and can be launched over walls. Possession of these jars causes corruption to the holder.

-Dogs of the Desert and Frost giants are excluded since they offer beasts.

=Drawbacks Include
-All of these jars and machines come with an expiration timer (2h?). Once collected from the faction’s engineer/alchemist their timer begins.

-Cannot craft another machine for 72 hours, independent from each faction.

-The machines come out in the form of a kit so you can build the machine out in the field to cut down the travel time. The weight however is tremendous so plan accordingly.


Really cool ideas in here. I especially like Black Hand cannons and Heirs of the North battering rams. You’ve also put some thought into balancing everything which is much appreciated.

I think for tamed beasts, their ‘trained’ status should only run out if they are outside your claim radius. I would also want to have guard dogs that I can feed! Not only assault dogs.

I think the mammoth should be a siege mount, instead of a cargo mount.

I also really like your faction ideas. Factions would be an interesting mid/late-game PvE component.

Really inventive ideas, and they’re grounded in the gameplay. Thanks OP!

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Maybe my memory is failing but I do not recall cannons being part of the Conan stories. It could be. Howard did have a number of pirate themed stories.

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I will admit I’m not fully familiar with the lore so if it disobeys the lore then yeah, it should be tossed. However given there are pirates in the game and we have explosives the idea of a cannon doesn’t seem impractical with their current tools.

@TwinCrows I also thought about mammoths/elephants as siege mounts and I agree. Maybe they could be T4 given their stature, only reason I decided against it is the idea of releasing the siege mount after battle felt like it would be too harsh for players to give up on such a large captured beast.

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Maybe there could be a mechanic for keeping beasts tamed while out at sieges. Something like whipping them to refill the amount of control.

I really do like your idea of having siege beasts become untamed after a while. If you leave a beast to roam around, eventually it will revert back to its nature.

But I also feel like players should be able to re-claim their siege beasts after a raid is complete. Something like putting the muzzle back on after the raid is over.

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Am I missing something? Didn’t they say mounts aren’t coming ever because of xbox performances but sorcery, purge and few other things are coming in the future?

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This is a link to a thread on Reddit where Joel Bylos was involved
I personally think that mounts won’t be integrated in the game for the next future. They have to do a lot of mapdesign changing to integrate mounts. I think this would be very risky for the structure of this game as it will be on Release. Every other content would be easier to implement before this. But this depends on how the game sells now on release and how many people will play the first 3 months.

That is why I suggest they scrap the speed mounts. They already have a thrall serving the purpose of a pack mule, the aesthetics of making it an animal seem far simpler and they wouldn’t have to redesign anything because the speed at which the map loads for consoles and low end pcs wouldn’t be a factor. As for siege mounts its basically the same thing, they would follow you so your speed is all that matters which isn’t an issue currently.

I just want to point out I don’t expect this suggestion to take place before launch AT ALL. I suggest it as an after launch concept to scrap speed mounts and work on the other 2 alternatives along with a similar system for faction hiring. I haven’t even put in the idea of what you could do for faction fame or how you would even start that.

As I said in OP, speed mounts aren’t a good idea for a number of reasons. Even with 2 new biomes and if they managed to redesign the entire map to accommodate for mounts, it’s still too small of a world for them.


That is correct, not just consoles but it’s an issue where some people can’t load the map fast enough and with a speed increase they end up falling off the map before it fully loads. But I don’t think we need speed mounts in this game especially with the map rooms being an easier alternative for those who wish to travel far quickly and the map rooms are restrictive in their use.

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While I also would prefer not to have speed mounts, those are the kinds of mounts that most people associate with a mount feature. As such, speed mounts would form an integral part of a complete mount feature.

I think that the AI will never be smart enough for the faction idea, even that the devs said the new AI is coming along well I cannot believe it will be as advanced as they want us to believe.
It’s a cool idea of course, and i love this game, but we give funcom too much credit already.

One can dream, also until they shut down their development team I wouldn’t toss words like “never” in. They overreached their plans but that’s not to say they can’t come back to those ideas and then some.

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Would love to see these “baskets of snakes” and “blood jar” and especially “skeleton baskets” regardless of how you get them! These sound AWESOME and would add so much more life to sieges!!! GREAT ideas and i hope Funcom approves! Funcom PLZ.

He said tamed animals, not mounts. meaning they follow you at human speed.

That with enslaved thralls and a population of 30 people on a server would make everything lag like jesus and take 3 days to respawn…but one can dream…
I would love to have one animal companion, like a wolf, or a rino, but animal packs I think would put a server on it knees, but hey i’m not a dev, maybe we really get something like that and it would be awesome.

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True. But I didn’t know Jesus lagged.

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I thought of that which is why I suggest only 1 follower type at any given time. Both for balance purposes (this isn’t ark, no sense in zoo-wars) and for server stability. I’m not a dev so maybe that wouldn’t be enough on its own to prevent such lag but atleast the balance would serve a purpose.

I did read the reddit post where joel explained why this couldn’t technically happen without a struggle since they are 4 legged models which I guess makes their travel across land very different. This is merely a concept of the mount system, with excluding speed mounts so people explore the game as it is meant to challenge them.


Yes one follower makes sense. Either a thrall or an animal.
I really like the idea of making a donkey or camel instead of the carrying thrall