Mounts and Sorcery

I know this has been discussed but previous topics are closed.

The current map as is has a fast travel system called maps.

When placed strategically they are very effective.

So effective that mounts are not needed.

Im also aware of developers issues with the attempt to implement a mount system.

My suggestion is to make it simple to start with- use horses and NO flying mounts. Its a survival game not an MMORPG. Let the community mod it to become an RPG if they wish.

The current pets system still have issues warping ahead , blocking doorways , and knocking the player off elevators.

Sorcery- lobbing grens is a good start but i expect a rigorous testing of this aspect as trying to compete with the endless other spellcaster games can easily ruin this one.

Sorcery should augment Conan not replace the need for weapons, armor and shields.

My rant for the month- thank you for your time.


25 years go there was this game “Master of Magic”. Civilisation, but with 150 different spells.
Or you could play the game “conan-cup” style: pick no magic at all.

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I’m sorry, but that wouldn’t be simple at all, given the terrain we’re faced with, making horses work is probably one of the harder things to do. Flying mounts are a complete no-go, and has been so from day one of EA (thankfully).

Sorcery is currently not being worked on, so realistically we’ll probably never see that.

Also see this thread for @Multigun’s summary of the plans for the game:

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Don’t forget to check the wiki!

They were working on it. As far as I understood console hardware sets these obstacles. If you move above a certain speed, you may fall under the map.

This is really sad for the PC players who were the only ones involved in the first EA period. Would be a big gesture to put mounts in the PC version alone.

Both sorcery and mounts were in the pipeline, but have been indefinitely cancelled.[17] (see page)

True. Though to be fair, I can’t really see mounts working well in most parts of the game - except maybe donkeys for carrying, which we more or less have in the form of the Camel pet.

It would. It would also be an absolute PR nightmare.

I think this goes for some parts of the map, but for example the frozen north seems to be designed for increased movement speed.

I think I’m the only person on this forum who thinks that mounts in this game is a bad idea. I’m actually happy that they’re not technically feasible. No troll.

The reason is because currently the map feels huge. It takes forever to walk across it. This is a good thing. I hate small confined “open” worlds. Having a mount to traverse quickly would shrink the place considerably.

For example, look at riding a caragor in Shadow of Mordor. Once you started riding them, the map went from feeling like a decent sized open world to being something you could traverse in a couple minutes. And you constantly fell through the map when riding it.

Plus the teleport mechanic with the map rooms we have works. Although I would like to see them visually redesigned. The big open space they’re never going to fill is annoying.


Co-signed. I’m right there with you, man. While I wouldn’t mind having mounts, and would probably enjoy it, I think Exiles would lose something special.

I was a pro mount guy when I first bought the game in November of 2017. Then, like yourself, I played other games that made it less appealing. Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War, Far Cry Primal, etc. It didn’t take me long in those games to quickly abandon the newly gained mounts because it took a lot away from the game and was just overall, less fun.

Also, I’m one of those people who really starts to sour on the idea of something because it gets talked about too much. Harry Potter for example, can’t stand it (I know, I’m weird, my partner reminds me of that all the time), all because when it first came out on books (and later the movies), that’s all my circle of friends (and their friends, and their friends, and their friends) would talk about, non stop, for months. Mounts has been discussed ad nauseum and then some.

Exactly, I wouldn’t mind mounts if Funcom suddenly changed their minds and decided to invest silly amounts of dollars into getting them to work right (and would certainly wouldn’t try and dissuade them from the objective). But I don’t think they are needed, or required, and definitely not worth the investment at this point.

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Especially the kind that most are envisioning - that being a mount that allows you to accelerate to speeds greater than ‘max moving speed for human avatar.’

Personally, I would be cool with a pack mule / mobile storage unit mount that travels no faster than my character does at max speed, but does so without exhausting my stamina. I don’t need that and I certainly don’t need any more than that, but that would be pretty neat.

Totally agree. Also, i really don’t want sorcery, either.

Gentlemen, at the risk of being unpopular, Im going to have to disagree with you all on the mount matter. Well at least part of it anyway. Look you may all have a valid point in the respect that it may make the map ‘feel’ smaller, and I do agree that it may take something away from the experience. However, I genuinely believe that you are missing a key point here. That being that just because an in game feature exists, it doesnt mean that you are obligated to use it. The same can be said of other in game features, ranging from pets, to nudity, to slavery.

I would really like to see mounts make their way into this game someday, but not in their current state. Personally, I dont get as much time to play each week as I would like, and if something can get me from A to B a bit quicker, then its beneficial for me (and Im sure many others in the same boat). Not only that, but riding around on a big bad mount just makes things feel more epic. To be honest, I generally use admin panel to one end alone; to ‘fast travel’ around the map more like Skyrim. However, if I feel like taking a medium or long trek, I then use the maproom or just leg it respectively. I know that (well for me personally anyway) neither horses or the fast travel system in Skyrim made it feel smaller to me. But I digress. We can have mounts, and choose to: not use them, do so all the time, or just now and then. I for one would love to see the option on the table someday.

The latest FunCom Dev Stream update clearly states Mounts are not on the table. I am guessing this is something some players will not. let. go, but hey ho:
Sorcery: already lots of things that emulate ‘magical’ effects, but via potions, stat perks, item enhancement toolkits, and I guess orbs. Sorcery is referenced in the Conan genre, but not as a core thing.
Use maprooms and get PIPPI mod on the server (private) and have the Admin set up warp points.

This I could get behind. I run around with a pet a lot to act as a pack mule and help take down hostiles. Being able to ride them at the current top running speed without draining any stamina and having to slow down would be a nice extra benefit.

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I saw this movie about a guy surviving a snow storm because he dug a tunnel into his horse!
Horsees make the north pretty small, so I prefer to not be able to ride them. But to dig a tunnel into my horse during a snow storm would be awesome!

And here I thought I was the one being unpopular lol. All I’ve ever seen on this forum on the subject are people disappointed (or worse) that it won’t be happening. This thread has suprised me.

To each their own, as they say.

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@Chaonike a very common tool in movies… ‘the revenant’, “Star Wars” etc…

Can just kill any large critter and ‘dig in’ as you say.
Would it be a useful game mechanic. Doubt it… Sorry…

I agree with allot of what is said here.

Do I prefer mounts - NO
Would I mind having them - NO

The only thing I have against mounts (apart from making the world feel smaller) is like in Skyrim as soon as you get that horsy you are basically free from all danger and just run past most fights. I like the fear and strategy behind heading to a certain point for X or Y and not being able to because of fear, low level, fear or fear XD
Makes the whole survival thing just a bit more daunting which is kinda what I think survival games are about IMO.
I would rather have funcom work on allot more content and dungeons with the time and money it will take to get mounts in game.

Sorcery on the other hand is a very intriguing topic. Very excited to see what happens with that.