New Patch: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Okay, I’m okay with the new roll system, I’ve tried it out most of the day and actually kind of like it. You need a few minutes to get used to it, but once you do, it works really well. I’m even okay with the thrall limit-mainly because I keep small bases. And I love that they implemented horses! What I’m not okay with is the new unmounted movement speed.

I ran track in middle school and NOBODY takes that long to go from standing to sprinting! Unless you’re grossly fat or you have some kind of medical condition, you can go from standing to running fairly quickly. Character movement in Conan now feels like driving an old car. It takes three or four city blocks to get up to speed. It’s impossible to run around corners. Navigating my own base is now a lesson in frustration.

Again, I’m not complaining about the dodge. I like it. I like the thrall leveling. As soon as my horses get done breaking, I’m sure I’ll like that too. I’ll probably have to use a horse inside my house just to make moving back and forth between crafting stations not maddeningly tedious.

The run animation just needs serious work. Honestly, if it takes you that long to start running, you need to do some wind sprints. I’m almost thirty now and I promise you I can still accelerate faster.


And btw does anyone know how to get the black and white mounts? I’ve got the DLC but don’t see how to get the white horse.

I believe it RNG, or luck as I call it.

Tascha said in another thread the horse colors are just like the other DLC pet skins, im guessing in the alchemy cauldrons

It’s the same as with other DLC pet skins: You get special food you feed the horse (it’s a feat)

This is what she wrote so Im not sure now lol

I wonder if this “tainted fodder” has anything to do with it. I’ll let you know when my foal grows up.

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I like the update overall, but yeah, the time it takes to start jogging is kinda exaggerated and needs some work.

But as always its a mystery how to do , as they never tell you do they. lol I never get why every thing is such a secret with Conan.

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I think this is one of those… you like it or you don’t.

Personally I’m not a fan of hand-holding. Diffidently at start of game, till me what buttons do what.

At certain point, figuring out some of the things is just awesome in its own right.

Thou i’m still like my suggestion to add notes dropped by npcs and spots that give up some recipes. (well, not recipe to learn…but written down note of how something works.)
Like finding a journal near blacksmith/smelter table that lists Steel making. Or near smelters at Mounds that gives up Secret of steel.


My apologies for the off-topic rant that follows.

Personally, I dislike it when a game relies on having a wiki that tells players what the game should. The first game I saw doing that was Minecraft and it infuriated me. I loved the game, but it’s just not okay to not have any indication whatsoever about what you can craft and what it requires.

I don’t necessarily mean that the game should always tell you “HEY! DO A, B, AND C TO GET D!” I love discovering stuff on my own, but there should be clues and cues :slight_smile:

A lot of the stuff in Conan Exiles is actually done that way. Journeys gently prod you towards your next discovery. Lore stones and scrolls and journals give you not only the backstory, but also tips about what you could do and who to talk to.

But there are several glaring omissions that really should be covered. Here are three off the top of my head:

  • The decay system. So many players learn about it the hard way, by plopping down some placeable on the ground and finding it gone the next day. Adding a journey that requires you to craft a repair hammer and check the decay would be one way of solving this. Another would be a journey that involves “building a home for the ages” or something similar that alludes to the longevity of a build.
  • The stability system. The game really should show you a message saying “insufficient stability” when you’re trying to snap something to an insufficiently stable piece.
  • Suppressing the spawns. I’ve seen it too many times: a newbie comes to the Godsclaw, says “wow, this looks cool, would be a nice spot for my base” and then later someone has to explain to them what they did :stuck_out_tongue:

I found it last night, its the food you feed them at the crafting station (im going to assume a stable i spent most of my time thralling last night), that will give you a white or black horse

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Agree’d there are a few things that should have some info.

Difference in Minecraft is… you get No info… your left with finding recipes, or slaping sticks and stones in right slots to even get something. (I play on ps4, so its default to not use 3x3 box)
So you literally told what to do with most item making. Finding them…another story.

Smelter gives you clue throw this + this = this. Just enough to get you going.

I’m a big fan of, “if I have go online to look up something, you failed as a game dev” Thats mostly quest related…
There line between, no info… and hints.

Have you seen the new dlc armor sets? Armor looks amazing, the problem is the bonus attributes.
Light Armor gives Agility, meh. Medium Armor gives Encumbrance, situationally useful. And the Heavy Armor, full iron plate set of Armor, guess the bonus attribute u will get from wearing full set of plate armor? Accuracy. Hell yeah.

This is just disgusting mismatch of how it looks and what you would do in it.

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