My group is in search

My friends and I are looking for a server that has dynamic building on or at least no offline raiding, mods are cool with us, any map is fine, and has a population. We’ve bounced around from one dead private to another and we can’t seem to find any with more than a couple of people playing. Or the server gets wiped once we hit 60. So longevity is another issue we’ve ran into.


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I have created a PvP server with my friends today 01/06/2021, it is a x3 exp and x2 farm with an economy system and a market in which to spend the money.

At the moment we are 6 but we are waiting for people to enter the server.

We are waiting u!!!

Direct connect:

I might have what you are looking for.

Server is no-wipe. Server has very limited Raid (only weekends for a few hours) But pvp is 24/7. Server has no decay. So your base isn’t going anywhere.

It’s only a few weeks old, but it’s already growing to where we have 6-10 on in the evenings and 10+ on weekends.

I’ve definitely experienced all the same problems you have, having to hop from server to server looking for something that had 1) some other players, 2) wasn’t going to disappear or wipe, 3) wasn’t so hardcore you can’t enjoy the game.

I made my server with that in mind…and my additional desire to see more “dungeons and quests” which I’ve been adding as admin. So far it’s been very successful in a short time.

Check us out here:
Development Update (Week 4) - Crom’s Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, New Zones, 3x (pc na) - PC Discussion / PC Servers & Clans - Funcom Forums

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