Returning Player looking for a friendly fun simple server!

I don’t mind downloading some mods. I’ve never been good at PvP, I have all the expansions/add-ons. I am looking for a server that is casual and fun, not one that will just be a giant castle war, I want to putter around have some fun log off for awhile come back and not be squished instantly. You know a fun friendly server. Some battles I don’t mind but don’t expect me to be much help! I’m PC and have discord.

I run a casual server. Only a few mods. I’m open to other mods, if they’re maintained. Other than that, just a basic PVE server with 4x resource harvest. Only a couple of us at the moment, so plenty of land to claim.

No minimum play requirements at the moment.

Discord is NUAsJNYhhN

If I wanted to try PVE again, I would go to one of Larathiels servers I spent a short time on Valley of Doom and I can honestly say I have never been on a PVE server with nicer people.

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As @droch-aon says, I’ve got a couple small PvE servers, one Siptah, one Exiled Lands that you’re welcome to try out. Recently cleared out some inactive players so there’s plenty of prime real estate available. :slight_smile:

Larathiel's Isle (and Valley) of Doom (UNofficial #1502)

We certainly have the option of chilling out in your RP here :smiley:

New Lordore – PC

Strictly Roleplay (PvP Enabled) – recently upgraded to 40 slots!

If you do anything this week it should be to join this server :wink: We are completely unique to any other, find out for yourself. (Roleplay PC) We are PvP Enabled, meaning it isn’t our sole focus.

  • WE NEED YOU Kingdom leaders and loyal subjects (Still 3 Kingdoms for the taking). Kingdom warfare, or Kingdom peace? What do you choose…?
  • EU server with EU and US players (sometimes even AUS/Africa/Beyond)
  • X2 XP with cheeky boosts
  • Events, end game content, auctions with admin items, quests (plenty to entertain)
  • Always new content being added
  • Bank, Prison, Working economy, Player markets, Paid work (occupations/roles)
  • Raid times, strict raid/theft rules, no excessive damage permitted
  • Friendly community, especially for new RPers and new game players
  • Travelers hubs and map rooms for easy map travel
  • Players looking for clan mates
  • Minimal sized mods, upgraded server for performance
  • Looking to link Exiled and Siptah very soon!
  • PvE Tuesdays for maximum explorations
  • Uncon mod – You don’t die straight away Keep on death but death grants a second chance (Unconscious for 90 seconds)
  • Extended map (but no major mod add ons)
  • A few (mostly) Immersive Races (adding some mythology but keeping it simple)

For more info on mods, rules etc check out the wiki :slight_smile: We hope to see you in game!


Wiki: YNAW

Steam is Mightypeach91, add me and we could team up. Thanks