Looking for a pve server

looking for a pve server with good char custimization, fantasy vibe, quests and challenging situations. don’t want to just walk through the map…

Well, let’s see…we have a decent customization setup, I believe. Definitely a fantasy vibe (at least storyline wise) and we always have different quests or side bits to keep you busy. I’ll give you our mod list so you can see if it jives with you.

Mod Collection Link: Steam Workshop::The Perils of Power

If you’re looking for quests, dungeons, arenas, challenges…you should check out my new server. I’ve made new zones that have RPG style quests that take several hours to complete and have bosses and dialogue, a scripted 20 round arena challenge, 7 different dungeons (and more coming).
Purge is set to level 6. It’s a good server if you like challenges.

My server is pvp, BUT it’s very friendly to the point I don’t think there has been any pvp happening at all and I’m quite sure nobody has been raided even with 10+ people on at the same time during peak.

Ad is here:
Development Update (Week 3) - Crom's Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, 3x (pc na))

Ooh we sound perfect for you :slight_smile:

New Lordore PC /PvE-C /RP
A friendly place for old and new to the game/RP alike. With friendly, fair admin and additional staff we have all bases covered for your extended gameplay.


Our mods are immersive for roleplay, and we try to keep them to a minimal size. They enable us to expand on the base game and create a unique server. Please see this link for a list of mods we have: You need a wiki
We are a EU server, with lots of other players from around the world such as the US, Philippines, Africa and Australia.

Our server settings: These are lowered in harvesting and XP to create a challenge; however, we encourage the use of our roles and occupations for trading and selling, to bypass this. Examples of roles and occupations are here: You need a wiki

Our general settings: are set a little harder, again to create a challenge, and we have plenty of unique content above the base game to keep you interested and busy. We are always changing or creating content.

Our main feature: Kingdoms! If you like the idea of running a kingdom yourself, however which way you see fit, then our server is for you. With 7 for the taking, there are plenty of choices for you. There is also the opportunity to become a Jarl and coming soon are elections for kingdoms too. There are also kingdoms not ruled by leaders. Some for those living more dangerously, and one just carefree. We also have an extended map: Darkwoods.

Additional features:
Currency + economy: We have a different currency to avoid gold hoarding, a bank with player vaults of which you can gain interest, and a prison with a mercenary role to imprison and trial people.

Races: We have plenty of immersive races, with a couple extra that we feel fit in with the lore of Conan. Where possible we try to find a background for the race within Conan before deciding to create it. We are not limited to these, you may request to play another race, however it will not have perks and flaws mechanics in game like the others do. With Indrids custom races and Roleplay Redux we have been able to make the races come to life. Find out more here: You need a wiki

Kits: We have plenty of kits to enable you a fair start on the server and costumes for your chosen race.
An extended life mod: We understand that the mechanics of the game sometimes fail us, but we also like a challenge as aforementioned and so we keep drop on death but with this specific mod it allows you to become unconscious twice before actual death for an extra chance. This is also useful in RP if knocking someone out, or being ‘downed’ in a battle etc.

Easier travel: To encourage more movement around the map, enabling more roleplay, we have set up travelling hubs that you can pay to use, and each obelisk has a map room.

Travel to Siptah: We have linked the maps so that in the game you are able to travel back and forth between them.

Strict rules + Zero tolerance: We have very firm rules around raiding, PvE-c and theft. These can be found here: You need a wiki

Other links:
You need a wiki

New Lordore

Welcome to Forgotten Wilds, a text-based RP server for PC players that is more geared to a high-fantasy using both Conan and D&D as influence, creating a hybrid experience. Our server offers custom lore, and magics. Event Vendor site to trade in coin for some rare items. Custom races and classes with their own unique hall and leadership. The server will be highly dependent on player roleplay and the consequences thereof, and while our realm is dressed inDark Fantasy, we’re no strangers to light-hearted fun. We’ve kicked off our server story, in preparation for our first big event that is upcoming in September!

With Thuria becoming home to exotic races, slaving has become a high commodity. Being taken aboard a slave ship to a destination unknown, storms come causing those at sea to crash into the town of Sea Haven. No one knows exactly what force is causes this, nor what is trapping everyone on the island. Safety only comes from civilization, and and with every dune carries another predator as shadows dance at the edge of your vision. Whether you strike out on your own or choose to ally with those from your boat, be wary of strangers and welcome, to Forgotten Wilds.

Discord: Forgotten Wilds

Server Mod List: Steam Workshop::Forgotten Wilds 18+ RP|PVE