Looking for a pve server

looking for a pve server with good char custimization, fantasy vibe, quests and challenging situations. don’t want to just walk through the map…

Well, let’s see…we have a decent customization setup, I believe. Definitely a fantasy vibe (at least storyline wise) and we always have different quests or side bits to keep you busy. I’ll give you our mod list so you can see if it jives with you.

Mod Collection Link: Steam Workshop::The Perils of Power

If you’re looking for quests, dungeons, arenas, challenges…you should check out my new server. I’ve made new zones that have RPG style quests that take several hours to complete and have bosses and dialogue, a scripted 20 round arena challenge, 7 different dungeons (and more coming).
Purge is set to level 6. It’s a good server if you like challenges.

My server is pvp, BUT it’s very friendly to the point I don’t think there has been any pvp happening at all and I’m quite sure nobody has been raided even with 10+ people on at the same time during peak.

Ad is here:
Development Update (Week 3) - Crom's Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, 3x (pc na))