Any official PVE or PVE-C servers fairly empty with either nobody or small good community?

Basically the title question - I play singleplayer and wouldn’t mind making a character on an official server that has a small group of people or practically nobody. Hoping for one that does not have structures built that obstruct caves or other things you can find exploring.

You didnt specify of siptah or exiles. I do know my exiles server is extremely quiet. Rarely will I find someone online when I pop over to reset timers. Official 1737 pve server

You’re right - Exiled Lands map

Thanks for the info

There’s plenty of servers out there. You’ll have to just comb through them all until you find one. Though, I play single player myself for the most part.

Hey! :slight_smile: We are a rather small community. Check us out :slight_smile:

New Lordore – PC

Strictly Roleplay (PvE-C with kingdom conflict)

If you do anything this week it should be to join this server :wink: We are completely unique to any other, find out for yourself. Whitelisting in place and character bios, please do ask if you need help with this. We are super friendly for new folk to the game and/or roleplay


• WE NEED YOU Kingdom leaders and loyal subjects. Kingdom warfare, or Kingdom peace? What do you choose…?

• EU server with EU and US players (sometimes even AUS/Africa/Asia/Beyond)

• X1.5 rates with cheeky boosts

• Events, end game content, auctions with admin items, quests (plenty to entertain)

• Always new content being added

• Bank, Prison, Working economy, Player markets, Paid work (occupations/roles)

• Strict raid/theft rules, no excessive damage permitted

• Friendly community, especially for new RPers and new game players

• Travellers hubs and map rooms for easy map travel

• Plenty of active players, some looking for clan mates

• Active, friendly staff

• Minimal sized mods, upgraded server for best performance

• Link in game from Exiled and Siptah

• Unconscious mod – You don’t die straight away. Keep on death, but death grants a second chance (Unconscious for 90 seconds)

• Extended map – Darkwood

• Immersive buildings/towns

• Mostly Immersive Races (adding some mythology but keeping it simple)

• Magic, perks, and extra stats for all races (Indrids mod)

• Plenty of mods that add to the immersive, roleplay experience

For more info on mods, rules etc check out our wiki :slight_smile: We hope to see you in game!


Wiki: You need a wiki

Oh lord, teach me for skim reading. You meant official :smiley: