LF Family friendly PVE/Light RP Server

Three of us migrating from Ark are looking for a chill and newbie friendly server for our exploits. Not interested in crazy Exp/harvest rates; but don’t mind quality of life mods or themes. Were only interested in established, not going anywhere server, where the admins monitor cheaters/greiffers etc and care about their player base. Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if I should reply with my server here or not because we do have pvp…but the players are so chill and helpful that there has almost been zero fight at all. I can’t convince these people to go to war even if I try. So with that in mind, I’ll suggest our server:

We are family friendly in the sense that we have nothing instituted that isn’t family friendly. No ERP, no sex mods, nothing offensive, nothing toxic. But we don’t have strict rules against adult language or anything like that either.

What this server specializes in is adding extra Admin content that is completely balanced with, and in the spirit of, original conan. So, making extra dungeons, some quests, an arena challenge, etc.

Admin, and everyone else, is super helpful and kind. That’s why I think it would be an especially good fit for you. Everyone is usually very fast to offer help, guidance, or teaming up to handle tough content.

The server is not going anywhere. I’ve put far too much work into it. I’ve basically tried to mash together a “skyrim experience” with “conan sandbox” so that there would be so much do to and explore that even a single player could play for a very long time.

One of our players is a long-time Ark player and he’s having a great time.

Check us out here:
Development Update (Week 4) - Crom’s Wrath - Dungeons, Arena, Quests, Weekend Raid, New Zones, 3x (pc na) - PC Discussion / PC Servers & Clans - Funcom Forums

DISCORD: discord.gg/3Akrw5RM2H
Direct connect:

Sounds great man, don’t think I would want to play on a server that policed language, but non adult themes is perfect. Will be checking this out, thanks for the reply.