New RP PVP server

New RP PVP server started today. PC. If you are looking for a new start rp pvp server then look no further. Server name is Exiles RP PVP:
We have active admins. No Kos without rp. No building spam! No building spam near thrall camps! 3x xp. 3x harvest. Join now for more info. We want you to shape the story of the server!
server ip P

Server is still fresh and Ripe! No gods! 3x xp! Start your story now!

RP PVP servers inherently come with a bunch of rules. Rules that is left undisclosed until joining bring unfavorable attitudes once discovered. Care to post all your server rules? I am quite happy with my current server but others* might find this information useful.

*No Kos without rp.

  • What form of RP? Does one have to declare their actions before attacking?
    *No building spam!
  • What classifies building spam? Is their a size restriction? A number of bases one must not exceed?
    *No building spam near thrall camps!
  • Same as above

Still trying to get clans to join.

Rules in a nutshell:

1.No random KoS. Just running around killing everyone in sight for no reason is no fun for anyone! If you make an enemy of another player and/or are at war with another clan, killing is justified.
2. No building right next to or on top of large thrall camps. Seems to cause problems on other servers so we ask that you build a good distance away.
3. Clans are allowed 1 main base and 1 outpost. This keeps random buildings from being all over.
3.a. Main bases can be large as long as you don’t take up an entire area of nodes. Its hard to come up with a measurement since everyone will have a different amount of clan members, so for now we ask you to be mindful of other players and the surrounding areas.
3.b. No building spam. Do not build small buildings, camps, random pieces, etc. just to claim an area. If you are on an adventure and you need to make an emergency shelter or campfire, please tear down after you are done.
4. NO offline raiding. Offline raiding is when a base or building has been damaged or destroyed and/or items have been taken/stolen while all members are offline.

Rules are subject to change to meet the needs of the community. Thank you.