New PvE/RP Server - Exiled Lands


HI, I’m planing of hosting a PVE server with RP aspects, just looking for some people who would like to join.
If you want to join, join the DIscord

A few things to note:

  • 24/7 up time, restarts when needed or daily
  • Increased xp rates 3x
  • Increased harvest rates 5x
  • Have a say in what server settings/rates are (Discord group)
  • No purge (Can change)
  • Purge style game play with players, set times for PvP/Raiding (maybe?)
  • 2 weeks building decay
  • Weekend PvP/Raiding
  • No server wipes

These guidelines could change like everything on the server, we want a community based server like we said, everything can be voted on to be changed or removed.

General goals -
Since the server is a PVE focused server with RP accepts we’re looking to have a community within game, a place each player/clan can come and build a outpost/base to encourage trading between players. Although since the building will be close by they will need to be some restrictions on size, 3 blocks high, 8 wide and 8 long (These restrictions can change with a reasonable request). The main goal really is to build a community.

Buildings in general -
If you like to build beautiful looking bases or make a large settlement go for it, or if you just build 4x4 boxes all over then this will apply to you.

  • One main base per clan member
  • No blocking paths
  • No blocking resources (iron, coal etc…)

Thralls -
Thrall wheels must be near your main base or an outpost.

Rules -
Shouldn’t have to be said but I’ll mention it:

  • RP is consensual, if one party isn’t interested respect their decision.
  • Keep things drama free and fun, any abuse, griefing or discrimination will result in a ban.
  • No offline raiding (Weekend PVP/Raids)
  • Common sense applies, don’t block of key resources or build too close to NPC camps, especially the main ones

I just switched over from PS4 to PC play. Not super experienced but I’ve played a few days and have the basics of the game down. I’m much more of a builder than fighter.
Love the idea of a community based server.
I’m based in the West Coast time zone area (Alaska actually, one hour behind PST).
That might be the only issue but if it sounds feasible I’m totally down my game is installing as we speak :smiley: