The Banished (RP PVP-Conflict - NEW!)

Come, bonded ones, and test your tenacity: will you barely survive, or manage to thrive? The exiled lands lie before you, their boundaries taunting you under the heat of the desert sun, the bitter chill of the snow touched peeks, and humidity and sweltering heat of the jungle and volcano. Will you discover friend or foe along your quest for freedom?

NEW roleplaying PVP-Conflict server! Active admin. Small group of players already active, established, and eager to welcome new ones onto the server! Uncluttered and clan friendly.

The rules are simple:

  1. Do not block off obelisks, legendary chests, dungeons or bosses from other players.
  2. No bullying. Admin understand that this is a roleplaying server and in character conflict will likely occur, but do not verbally attack or harass a player out of character.

The admin will not intervene unless the aforementioned rules are broken, and even then will likely give a warning via PS message before destruction of structures or banning.

The server is in its original, default state save for:

  • Resource harvesting has been raised from 1x to 2x.
  • Resource respawn has been raised from 1x to 1.5x.
  • Thrall taming has been quickened, changed from 1x to .75x.
  • Player structures are indestructible the majority of the time - this will be disabled during monthly events and PVP raid times.

Clan friendly! Admin willing to increase server size if there’s enough activity. It can currently host 20 players. Players from any area are welcome!

Server name is The Banished (PVP-Conflict, barely boosted).

Sounds good, I am a new player based in the EU, would that work?

Of course! We welcome players from any area. We have a few people on right now who don’t speak English, which may make the roleplaying aspect interesting, but that’s what Google translator is for! Haha. :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me, do you use discord or it in game chat (I have just played solo so far). I need to work out how to communicate with PS4. I am normally a PC gamer, so got a few things to learn.

Game chat, but I’m unsure of the range on it. Right now I’m in a party chat, and you’re more than welcomed to join! Shoot me a friend request?