NewServer Starting Aug 3rd...PS 4 PVP 24/7, Weekend Raids,.Name Equal Exiles


Equal Exiles on PS4!!!

10 XP for killing, only 2x for crating. Less Cheesy. Get out there and slay to level!!!
Player Damage 1.25, and damage taken 80%. Means stronger agains NPC’s, but the same against other players.

Starter Area G3/H3:
Every clan builds a 2x2x1 high with 2-4 preserve boxes allowed. This is you clans lock box, where admin can ghost in and drop off rewards as needed. Cannot be raided. Cannot have chests or cupboards. Meant as an emergency stash. Can PVP in the starter areas. Map Room. Hardened tools, water skins, heavy encumberance, hardened steel tools, Star Metal Conan Sword, food!!!
All the crafting stations, stable, pet pen are open to public here. But craft at your own risk. PVP allowed here as well. think of it like the frost temple forge. You might have to defend what you are crafting.

PVP 24/7

Raiding controlled by t3 Altar building. To raid, clan must have a T3 Altar on the map. Lose the altar, cannot raid until one is rebuilt. Any T3 Altar base cannot be offlined. All bases must not exceed 36 sq foundation area (think 6x6). Any base without T3 Altar can be offlined.
1 Home Base for clan not to exceed 300 sq foundation area (30x10) and must be at least 4 foundations off of the green wall. This base cannot be raided unless the raiding clan has (3) T3 Altars on the map. Can not be offlined if it has a T3 altar in the claim area. No spider web claiming. Must leave 12 foundations between all legal builds.
Wiping allowed. Can never raid any of the lock boxes in g3/h3 area.

Raid Time 8-midnight
Harvest rate 10x
No raiding
Harvest rate 3x

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Hey there,

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Bumped and edited rules. Will hopefully open this weekend to the public. Have some small building i need to do (community area in the starter zone.)

Bump…Start Date will be Sunday afternoon (US -Central). 2 pm, the password lock will be removed.
This server is for players who can’t invest entire life to game.
As admins, we will be on periodically, but will try not to get involved in every little skirmish.

Events planeed over time…
Warmakers Escape. there will be times when we will spawn in the Warmakeers Bosses and put them out in the wild some where, or in a prison dungeon. These spawns (due to Funcms creativity limits) disappear permanently when killed,or server restart. Loot is the reward.

Black Keep escape, We will also spawn the Black Keep Boss, and teh 8 Silent legion warriors from UC in the same manner.

Tight rope fighting–admins will build a wall fighting arena (all walls, no ceiling tiles or foundations, spaced with large gaps) above the Ocean In the East. Players will need to fight and race on these walls as they move to the center for the open chests rewards.

Frozen Lake Hungry Hippos–Players will try and catch the most baby pets in a set time limit. Naked with practice swords, with only spiced wine and gruel for heal and heat. Oh yeah, admins and non participants will be throwing tar orbs all over the place.

and anything else i can twist with in game mechanics and spawns!!!

Now up and running.
this for weekend style gamers, as harvesting is 10 Saturday and Sunday, and raids are 8 am until midnight Sat and Sunday. Weekdays is just PVP and 3 x harvesting.