What if the game pushed for a more back and forth on PVP raid servers

I put this in general discussion, because it will probably never be implemented due to the work to code it.

But what if raiding worked totally different than it does now.
Raid servers would be 24/7.
But, and it is a big but and i do not lie, what if after you destroy 1 thing, a timer is set for 1 hour to finish raid, regardless if the other clan is online or not. After the one hour, you cannot attack that clans base for 11 hours. But if the other clans attacks back by raiding your clan it removes the 11 hour cool down, and they now have one against you. If they kill a member of your clan, it resets your timer as well, but does not start a timer for them. So if 2 clans are going back and forth on raiding each and fighting it doesn’t hinder either side, as it would constantly reset raid cool downs with the counter attacks going on. Also would remove the ability to be offlined if you built in a way that the other clan couldn’t wipe you in 1 hour, or you built multiple targets and they had to guess which had your main loot. The 11 hour gaps also would allow for you to log in later and see that you were attacked and repair, but at the same time a clan could attack you multiple times in day to finish the job if you didn’t log in. Casual players would not have to worry as much, and players who play long hours would still be rewarded for the long days they put in.

Again thinking outside the box, but I don’t expect it to ever catch traction. Just a pipe dream i guess of a game that encompasses fun healthy pvp without the need for privates.

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Not good, because a raid can take fews hours. And pvp servers must be 24/7 raid time!

Look at Rust, a wipe every fews weeks, no raid time and this game has x10 more players!!!

Not good for you. But the idea is not wiping, but back and forth. that is the problem with the raid mechanic. All or nothing. So no one plays because the nothing isn’t wroth it. For you it would suck, because you want to wipe wipe wipe…Well, guess what, there are others who actually want to have a back and forht adn enjoy melee vs placing bombs for 6 hours straight. And the only other way to achieve a back and forth is prevent offlining so clans actually have to engage. but that too is not possible apearantly, so i just threw another idea out there for sh…ts and giggles.

Every post you talk about domination, yet you start posts about too big of builds. Which is it, dominate and build freely as you want, or limit it. I feel i am consistent, I want a more control chaos that engages a larger player base. Building maintenance, decay of stored items over long periods, push raiding towards a melee and true pvp. those seem like things casual gamers are wanting and why many just stay away. They don’t want to put in 10 hours a day, and they also don’t want the hours they do put in wiped because they decided family time was a important. I even want thralls to be less the hero, and remove archaic tropes like leveling atts thru a point system. I want recipes and exploration. I want traveling the lands. I want adventure. I don’t want to number crunch metas and effeceincy every time i log in to PVP servers. I want pros and cons for melee attacks (miss v hit). I want scissors paper rock (vs Spock??) weapon,armor and attribute load outs. I guess I want a game that is truly fun, and not a 2nd (1st???) job. One where people who log 10 hours a day every day for 3 years may need to step away from and realize they may be the cancer, even accidentally, as to why the game is so low populate even though it is gorgeous, has some really great ideas at the core, and could be better than most pvp games out there–that actually have higher player numbers. But oh well, you continue your fake superiority in the virtual world, I will continue to advocate for a more inclusive game that can reach its true potential up until they close official servers.


1 hour is to little. But I guess it was just an example. But think it wont work with that timer. Having x hours to raid someone, and they get raid protection for x hours? Then they can just leave clan place some bombs and have unlimited raidprotection.

In my opinion it will make PVP servers less PVP. So no. Keep it the way it is.

And 24/7 raidtime sure, make some servers have it like that. But also keep these servers with specific raidtimes.

I have always backed a variation of servers. That would also be a better business practice, because over time Funcom can see which ones actually attract a player base and have a more balanced feel.

Good points on possible exploits of the cool down. Like i said, this is a pipe dream anyways. But if i could make it better then add in no clan changes during the timer. For the defenders or the attackers. But reality is, i would just get rid of clans all together and have tiered ally system that had cool downs and limits. I have posted that before, so i won’t blast this thread with it now.

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