Please remove the time of raids

It is not fair for most people, some of us have already dedicated hours of play and only those who live during that time have the right to do raid. we should put it to a vote

Agree, game should be balanced so theres no need for timers

The others have to sleep, too.

So you indirectly say that it is unfair that you can’t go on a raid because you can’t be online at this specific time period. So is it then considered fair if you can go on a raid at any time when others have to sleep or work? Not really. Yes, it would make it more fair for some players, taking away the timer. But it would also make it unfair for others.

The best solution for this would be, imo, the time period where you can raid should rotate weekly. Now it’s 17:00 - 23:00 CEST. Next week it would be 19:00 - 1:00 CEST. So everyone can have their moment.

Not agreed the raid time is there for most people who work and come back , leaving the raid time will be worts for the game and most people will quit the game lest put it this way game is so easy u can make 100 explosives in one day if u dont have time protection u cannot rebuild or do pve thinks to do pvp thinks later on

Find a server that suits to your schedule. I had servers that had a difference of 3 hours from each other with low ping. Generally, you will have low ping to a server that is within your timezone. I actually like the limit time because otherwise people would be raiding throughout the day until every base is empty and looted and abandoned like it was previously in early access.

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Well, to get around the issue of all the offline raids what if there was a mechanic to allow raiding a base when at least one of the members are online?

Plus leave a “logout” timer of say 1 hour, so that people cannot exploit just logging out if a raid comes their way they don’t want to defend against?

Issue with raiding all the time would be that everyone does PvD instead of raid PvP, just lots of offline raids…

Just some ideas tossed out; would probably need adjustments :slight_smile:

I actually liked the 24 hour raid servers there are alot off people that do. And in early access the 24 hour servers had more active players than any other PvP server that I seen. The deal with 24 hour servers you built alliances with other time zones build close together and protect others when they are offline. I definitely want 24 hour servers back