Server wipe this month?

I’ve heard on Facebook that there could be a wipe on the official servers this month. Since it is only a rumor I wanted to ask if anyone here nows something more specific.

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No, they will never wipe unless something goes horrible wrong.

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If they wipe a server does the characters get deleted too?
Or just the buildings etc?

I don’t think we know as they have never wiped the servers.

Funcom knows nobody is coming back to Conan if they wipe the servers.

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based on past experiences with wipes in EA here are some terms you may want to pay attentions to…

Partial wipe = means all items including bases, possessions and thralls are removed you are naked with your levels and skills starting after the wipe.

Full wipe= everything is reset/wiped including your character you start at 0.


…uh…yes they have. There has been (and this varies as some servers had only partial wipes in the past) 3 full wipes and at least 2 partial wipes on the servers Ive played on (#203, #412 and current server since launch)

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Usually wipes happened in this game when pvp gets so out of whack due to exploiting, duping and hacks.

Then PVE suffers a wipe as well even though the pvp hacks really don’t affect the pve players.- sometimes its a full wipe other times its a partial wipe.

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Thats a good question. Someone dropped this question on #1093 today and so some people might be wondering now.

If a wipe should happen, it will happen at petupdate on live servers. It wont happen before, otherwise they would carry all (potentially) corrupted stuff into the next big update.
(My character from way before combatupdate suffered a few of them.)

Though I am unsure wether to call a few dungeons, a new religion and a completely new feature (yes, I know, only fancy thralls) can be called a “big” update. Sure, its not bad at all! New stuff, new religion, new content. Always a nice thing.
However, for “big” updates, I am thinking of a new portion of land to discover.

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There are dozens of places all over the map where new dungeons could be put. Some might only fit small dungeons, but it would be nice to see bunch more dungeons, challenging ones, be added. And, there needs to be excellent, extremely rare loot as a reward.

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