Server wipe discussion

does the server need to be wiped when the new patch comes thru or will they wipe on their own?
will the servers wipe once or twice will they wipe again at release and when patch comes out?

The only official wiped planned so far is 8th of may.
That being said, Sometimes things happen in a unplanned way.
So its possible things may need a wipe when going from old combat to new combat.

But chances are its trying to be focused as one wipe, on the 8th.

thanks for the feedback , are you with funcom or another player

Just a normal player. Well i’d like to think i’m a informed, Normal player.
(I’ve heard all recent news and watched all recent streams)

There has been no official statement about a wipe. Besides the 8th of may release/launch wipe.
Which will effect all Funcom(official) owned servers. (Full wipe, xp/inventory,map)

Unofficial will need a wipe too probs, because of the new biome (Last August with Frozen North ALL servers had to wipe as well in order to play the new content)

Based on what I have seen in the Testlive build, no, private servers do not need to wipe. If the server Owner/Admins want to wipe they can. If the server community wants a wipe, they can.

Players will need a Yellow Lotus potions to reset feats if the server is not wiped due to teh change in how feats are organized…

The map itself has been poked, for example the small mountains on mace island ( the one near the dregs) has been modified and so the relic hunter city, private servers who’ll not wipe might encounter huge problems since probably the map files will be overwritten during update…
Also it has been said (cannot find right now) that the characters database has been changed and upgrading without chars wipe can lead to players not able to play/join the servers again…
Only time will tell…

What would the pros be of not wiping a public/private server at launch? I’m sure anyone could write out a lengthy essay on the cons, but what about the pros?

If you have an established community you wont upset those players by destroying their months of hard work. Our server will not wipe. Its an RP server and our kingdoms add custom mechanics is the backbone to the RP elements. If we wipe we kill off several factions(clans) without a cause. Thinking about it this way you can see how a wipe is bad for an rp server.

RP/PVP btw.

Keep me informed about what happens after release since you’ll not wipe, i’m not sarcastic, i’m literally curious.

Anyhow, I see a cause, basically next update will make this game a brand new game. I remember reading somewhere, I can’t find it now, that some of the game database has changed and some players might experience problems if not even being unable to join the server at all at which point an admin will be required to wipe a character manually from the database. Don’t quote me on it since I can’t find it, but I remember reading something about it.

Good luck!

Whats the point of even releasing the update before the 8th. You made it sound like you were releasing it late February but then it just released on testlive. Whats the point of testlive? Why not just get feedback from live? Thought that was the point of early access. Now I find out I have to reinstall the entire game and start over early just to try it. All so i can then again restart on the 8th. Now official servers are dead cause whats the point when you get wiped in a little over a month and i find myself playing other games cause once again…whats the point

The pro is a fresh start for everyone and i dont think thats a bad thing. On my official pvp server no one seems to play anymore cause my clan has completely taken over. Now i might as well be playing pve. Ark introduced a full new cluster on release and the original servers became legacy servers. A month after release everyone had moved on and the legacy servers were dead. Some of the most best memories i have from ark come from that intial reboot and the race that followed to claim and secure a server. As far as private servers go i dont understand why you would waste your time on a private conan server. The pvp is balanced well unlike ark. You can easily get the same experience from official only without admin cheats and power trips.

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My reasoning for joining a private server is for an active Admin, and most I have dealt with have been fair, with no power trips. On official servers there will be a LOT of offline raiders and people who grief lowbies over and over till they quit. Private servers have options for server settings that official will not use, such as restricting raid times, adding mods, and the ability to boot exploiters/griefers. This game is set up and directed towards private servers as much as the official ones.

Roleplay server are only private server.
But about the wipe, i think it alow the game replayability. It can take a week for a 4 man clan to get to endgame, if they are organised enouth. Sure on pvp server there will be a point when an alpha clan can dominate, but it won’t be as hard as it would be if guns were involved. The point of a wipe is to rebalance, alow to go on another place, maybe change a character for rp serv, i don’t know^^

We souldn’t fear wipe, even if you loose your home, at least you can go a diferent path, with all the knowledge of your past exile :slight_smile:

About what Kevbal mention, when our server wiped, when the siege came out, we said that a giant sandstorm passed on the exile land. Some players used that for rerol, other stayed alive, but overall everyone was happy about refreshing the land^^

Hmmm… sandstorm wipe sounds familiar.

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You just gave a pro for wiping a server. I was asking about the pro against wiping a server.

bring your clan and take over a faction of the age of calamitous that i have left for grabs according check out the rules of server cause i got it mixed for different types of play and some roleplay with it… pve pvp rp all in one… just got wiped cause the server company so every thing is being rebuilt again… but we can get everything ready and the idea for after the full release or for when the last wipe is done… but for now we can have a good time and figure out how we move forward and would love to have more players…

Brotherhood of Exiles (Age of Calamitous)

1.The Age of Calamitous(1113901982)
2.Pippi - User & Server Management -(880454836)
4.LitMan Thrall Placing Distance(884168480)
5.WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain(897947497)
7.SFXmod- soundFX for exiles(1272719871)

get my server info at the bottom of this thread i have rules that keep that from happening but i am now resetting up again cause a power outage took out some server s at the server company and mine was one so now got to rebuild our format… but maybe it might interest you…

I think the only wipe announced was for the official servers on May 8. Private servers will be unaffected.

This is correct, but doesnt mean its impossible. and your server will most likely run alot better if you fresh wipe or atleast database transfer for the new content (mainly the biomes and pre-existing items are the issue)