When you planning on wiping

When you planning on wiping all official servers?
It is not possible for newcomers to develop there.

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by the look of it, not any time soon:

Hey there,

There seems to be a common misconception about this. We’re not wiping any official servers. The only change coming to the game remotely similar to it is what we covered in this announcement:


But u release new dungeons and many entrance of them built up by someone, for example new Warmakers sanctuary

We dont need wipe, abandon system works fine but we need access for new content @Ignasis

Official 1213 server:

Hummmm even after the update the building is still there? On my server there was someone’s building too but the entrance is free now.

@caco Yes, still

Thats odd, Ill check on the official server I play, some guildies already told me the entrance would be despawned but they like weed a lot hehe, they must have missed something, ill check once I get home.

That building is cool, the new dungeon isn’t worth destroying that. Ask them to make a door for everyone.

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@maedhros this is not a solution, people are different, someone refuses or is not in contact

@Ignasis ?

All official servers?
Never I hope.
That is a good way to make half the player base uninstall the game and not install it again at least half a year later and second, not think about spending a single dime on it again for a very long time…

However, PvP servers only? Or even PvE-C?

I could be maaybe ok with that but only through a vote system.

Sucks for a newcomer for sure, but if people are not aware of server wipes and such servers do not inform of such a mechanic then it is a good way to piss people off.

Why would anyone grind your game after that if they dont even know when their work will be tossed down the toilet?

And this coming from me as a newcomer to some servers myself.

Tried my first PvE-C servers yesterday, first one I landed on had the entire map taken by a gazillion towns, fortresses, and even stupid things like griefing bases at the desert roads entering into the first “noob” area, along with a line of rocknoses that guarded the way forward… some people seriously have issues… Good luck doing anything there as a newcomer.

I then went on to try a few more, and they were far more empty by comparison and one even (that I decided to stick around on a little longer) very welcoming in fact. Negating the notion of a server wipe period at that point even for pvp.

I think (like I have mentioned before) if there is a demand and enough people that would play on it, new servers would be fine that add the server-wipe cycle mechanic. But NOT on the existing servers that were never communicated to be subject to such a thing.

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It’s odd that it hasn’t been destroyed after the patch, but being a PVP server we would suggest either asking the owner of that building nicely or getting through the hard way.


Are you sure this has building damage enabled? ( Can’t check ingame becuase you know :smiley: )

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@Ignasis so its pvec server, owners of this structures is toxic freaks. Maybe you check dis situation with your devs team for future patch?

We are currently looking into options :slight_smile:


Because it’ll never be fresh and fair. Five minutes after the wipe, there’ll be people who have more than someone starting fresh.

This is a PvP game with progression over time, where you can loot your opponents. It will never be anywhere near fair.

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We start fair. 3 months in you are all set and having fun. Then a newbie arrives and demands a fresh start. You get wiped. How would you feel? Furthermore, there are plenty of good private pvp servers with regular wipes, just start on these if this is what you are after + you have admins to ensure there are no cheaters and exploiters.


Dude, you are starting to sound one-sided here in your arguments. I explained to you why not.
What can’t you understand? Everybody else had to pay for the game too, what kind of an excuse is that?

Its not an e-sports competitive title that brags about its fair game pvp matchmaking. Its an open world survival game. There are many servers to chose from. Some are in fact outright empty. Don’t want to play in a server with low population? Ok I get that. So your solution is to force everyone to lose all their work so they can play with you?

In simpler words. They wipe servers, I’m uninstalling this game in a heartbeat and never touching it again. And I assume hundreds if not thousands more will do the same. I payed too. I want to keep my [email protected]%t that I spend 300hrs gridning for and I frankly dont care if every newcomer likes it or not in that server due to me having been there playing all that time. Just being honest.

Again, deal with it and find a server that you can fit in. I found another for example PvE-C were the people laughed when I asked when PvP times go on. Most didnt even know. “No idea, nobody mostly does PvP here anyway”… :rofl:

Next day, they gave me all the resources outright to build my own map room on the fly… Dont think people would be able to help newcomers either on a server wipe. The options for the many fun ways you can enjoy this game are plenty.

Sure, I agree that some servers have gone bananas. So what is the solution? Lets scr3w everybody over because of those “bad apples”? In a game which btw is advertised as “hardcore” and you need to struggle to survive???

I have the feeling that she might be talking about the building blocking the dungeon on pve-c which should have been destroyed but it didn’t but yeah clarification is needed :blush:


On the PvE it is no better an entire region (in the north) occupied by foundations. No just building the foundations. In addition, players are never online or when they connect they disconnect so quickly. You can’t even put a sleeping bag on the floor anymore.

They better not be… Its not enough that we have a 7 day timer tick tocking making sure we are there, to then slap us in the face with a wipe would be a bad move imo.

Through server specific voting perhaps. Maybe. Or better yet, a few new servers with a wipe cycle to them each month or whenever to see how it goes.