Any server wipe soon,or u add new servers?

When patch with 500 fix are out in LIVE,u are doing to wipe any server? or put new servers?maybe empty servers?

We don’t have any plans on wiping official servers at this moment. I’ll have to check about adding more servers but none that I know of.

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sorry, this is a reply so staff is able to keep replying to the post. I’ve let them know that they have forgotten to do so, so they may or may not come back to let you know.

“At this moment”?! JESUS! Please say “Ever”. PLEASE xD

But hey. Excuse me as I put this comment onto a pedestal. It means a lot to me :slight_smile:

Wiping has no place in a world with a 144 hour decay.

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haha Sorry, I only say that because we would only ever wipe if absolutely necessary. :slight_smile:
I think in the past we’ve only done that on officials maybe once? And we did a whole poll where people could choose what sort of wipe they wanted (partial, full, or none at all)for the server they were on.


Ok that poll thing is really awesome.

Please take a Banana, and poke Jens with it for saying “We’re not giving up on this game JUST YET.”
We’re extremely paranoid about such things! x)


You should wipe the servers after the big update because the balance ist actually completly broken. I mean whats with all the raided bases got raided with duped orbs? what do you think how many servers are dominated by exploiter clans. If hundreds/thousands of players come back they will be raided very fast of all the “alpha” clans. Between release and the coming 500+ patch were so many bases raided of exploiters. No wipes should be happen if the game is fixed. Actually its completly fail to not wipe the servers after all these massive problems.

So, if you want that players come back you should wipe soon.

Wipe is bad for this kind of game, if it’s not a rule of server type (player have to know if server wipe or not and choice what they want to choose their server. On actual officazil servers…Wipe is a bad thing…). Erasing all orbs of inventories/Chest, if their is a problem with balance is better.

So its a better idea to not wipe and every players which came back get raided instantly? Dude there are so many exploits and so many raid happend just because of dupes. What do you think how much loot the “alpha clans” have in their base from this dupes? i mean not the orbs i mean the loot of the raided bases.

Do whatever you guys want with PvP, but leave PvE out of it.

We like our persistence. Kthx.

PvP is just seeing the worst of people. If people consider that “entertainment” then don’t whine about it.
If you want fair PvP, MOBA’s and other genres is the way to go…

But survival game PvP is all about the art of griefing.
I kid you not.

It really is the art of griefing.

“How to screw another player so hard they quit.” The game is designed around that.

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Game design is about persistant world built by player in a sandbox…
Better way to wipe a clan is do it yourself, with others, alliances, or intelligence.
Wipe server is bad idea. Player who started play on offical server never accept regular wipe for new players…And developpers interveiws saids they want give this feeling:

It’s how game is design…if you want specific rules what are not in main game design, go on private server. Conan exiles have persistant world server…

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Sure i only mean PvP i dont care about PvE servers.

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No, restart on another server, go play single player or whatever, idc.

Already tired of this selfish suggestions, at least you could have said your selfish suggestion would be only aimed at pvp servers, but not even that.

We already lost many hours from the orb fiasco

ps: ah others pointed out same and u rectified. Cool u dont care about pve…pve players also dont care about pvp, and not only that, pvp players dont care about new pvp players. So good luck with that xD

Absolutely right!

When another player on a public server leaks his imgur because he’s trying to woo another player (I kid you not) … and his open-air vault is full of explosive jars, and two of his nine volcano vaults are filled with demon blood and dragon powder … you know there’s a bit of a balance thing going on. It’s beyond grief at this point when an individual can grind 1,100 jar ingredients in a single week of raid windows. You simply cannot build reinforcements great enough to keep a clan of this capacity away, and thus your booty is theirs, increasing the scale and scope exponentially.

In Global Chat when confronted with the leaked images, the exchange went like this:

PLAYER A: Bomberman, don’t you think it’s stupid to have that many explosives made up at once? lol
BOMBERMAN: lol That’s just me showing her my junk. I got components all over the map. Some of them are yours.
PLAYER A: sick
BOMBERMAN: Player B loads up with 1500 explosive kit every time he raids somebody. He and Player C grind 200 a day during the week.

A wipe will not fix PVP ultra-grief situation. Unless they want to go about a painful balance pass, the simplest solution would be to turn PVP officials back to 1X vanilla all the way. Fixes the scale of bombs immediately.

I’m grateful to the rest of you for helping me understand about PVP. I guess I always expected the community is what you make of it, but if this is what’s expected of PVP, it should not bother me. All I know is that during Early Access, 1X Vanilla, it was never like this. PVP had rules and honor. I know, cool story EA Granpaw. :wink:

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Not sure what early access servers you played on but the ones i played on had people with 10000s of jars because they were dupabable for over 6+ months, had people glitching though walls because of an exploit that lasted 6+ months, had people building massive t3 bases 3 hours after starting teh server because of exploits and dupes for building t3 stuff.
And that was just the exploits, not the “alpha” clans going round server to server trying to wipe everyone.

All of that bundled with league of legends toxicity.
There was no honor or rules, except rule 1 - you are going to get raided daily weather you were lvl 1 or lvl 60.

Its much better now on official pvp servers with less toxic people and less exploits.
In a game like this there will never be fair pvp, the people who play the most will always have the upperhand in terms of items they own and things they can produce.
Nothing not even resetting to 1x everything on official servers will stop that. Nothing is hard to gather. Demon blood almost pours our of mobs, tar is easy, making orbs is easy. weather its 1x or 10x harvesting.

It was harder to gather materials back in early access, not due to the harvesting multiplier but due to less ways to get things like demon blood or volitile glands (those were worse 1 per possible red imp) or get them from npcs.
Funcom just decided that on release they would add more mobs that drop 100s of the things needed to raid people and stockpile stuff.

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