Server wipes? Will this ever be a thing?

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I did some digging around and this question hasn’t been asked for a year now, so here I go: Are the servers gonna wipe at some point in the future? They were wiped last time when the frozen north came, but after that there’s been no indication of any such thing. Thought this would be brought up after a year of playing.

Reasoning? There are still many empty servers, many “dirty” servers that could need a purge of sorts. Also I would see this as a revitalizing thing to bring more players for the game. At least everyone who I’ve talked to have replied that they’d be willing to come back to the game (mainly pvp though), if the servers were wiped. Joining a pvp server that has a even 2-3 players, that have played from the beginning can net to around 1000 explosives or even more. That is a scary thought for a returning or a new player.

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Hi this is still a frequently asked and answered question. Just not that easy to find an official answer unless you read most of the posts or follow the live stream.
Many thanks to Multigun for summarising the live streams in words so I know it was asked in the April 12 2019 stream and answered: no plans
See links:
Multiguns post:

YouTube link from his summary:

I’ll do you one better, it was confirmed they won’t ever be happening in May.

To quote myself

Official Server Wipes? (46:36):

This is something that was always an unlikely chance to happen to begin with, but Tascha firmly put this one to bed. There will not be any wipes at all for any existing server. May 8th of 2018 will be the last such wipe we will see.

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They can always have a vote like they did in…maybe November of 2017? People voted on getting their server wiped or not. Most PVPers may want this, but us PVE-Cers and im sure almost all PVEers do not.


Maybe just kill off some dead PVP servers. If the traffic is less than x amount over y period of time, then server will be converted to PVP Seasonal wipes (2 months at a time) or hybrid style. These aren’t private servers, anyone on them really isn’t PVPing.
See if it spikes the player base.


My 2 cents, but this seems like a server wipe would kill off any reason to play on an official server.

Private servers typically have better admin support, and mods that make the game more fun. The tradeoff is that they can permanently go offline whenever, and of course that some have server wipes.

Official servers have the advantage of being more “stable” in the sense that they won’t just shut down when the admin is done playing Conan Exiles. And… there are no server wipes.

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