The outrage of losing hundreds of hours of work - or why I think periodic official wiping is not a bad thing at all

This is a contentious topic and solely my opinion - so read on with that in mind. (and this is from a PvP server perspective)

I think the official servers should periodically wiped.

The single biggest complaint I see when this topic comes up is, “But i’ll lose hundreds of hours of work!”

Will you though?

As someone with approximately 950 hours in the game so far, most of that on Official PvP servers, I really do question where this comes from. For most people and in my experience, this ‘hundreds of hours of work’ tends to be a few solid days worth of farming. For most clans who could claim many hundreds of hours worth of work, in almost every instance that work is destroyed by other players via raiding and gods. I’ve never seen a single base, regardless of how big, go the distance to the point where it could be an arguement against wiping. The biggest bases, the biggest clans - they all come and go with time.

Why do I feel periodic wiping is a good thing? Here’s my personal reasons for it.

  1. It returns the servers to a square one state. That is - no clans who have benefited from exploits such as dupes and under-meshing.

  2. It encourages new players to join the server knowing they’re not going against long-established super clans (even though most of those clans come and go with the seasons regardless).

  3. Half the fun in this game is starting fresh - the levelling process can be highly enjoyable, just like it’s fun to scout out a new base location and experience a different part of the map. Yes doing this back to back can be annoying - but in a raiding world, it’s also not uncommon for clans to move servers when defeated and basically do this anyway.

  4. Possessing a huge amount of loot in this game can be as much of a curse as it is a burden. This is strictly my own opinion, but having been the owner of a ridiculous amount of loot - so much that we dont know what to do with it, fending off different raids trying to get it continually and the logistics of hiding it in various stashes around the map can be bloody tiresome to the point it kills the fun aspect of the game. Losing it or dumping it was surprisingly freeing. Many wont agree with this point but if you’re in this scenario you’ll likely know what i mean.

  5. It’s really not that much of an effort to get back to 60 and established afterall. The game offers various means of levelling quickly and gearing up with a sizeable base can be done very fast in the hands of an experienced player.

  6. And the big one - it can greatly improve server performance by removing all those spammy old bases that occupy large chunks of the map that the decay system seems to take its sweet time removing.

In my view, there’s really only benefits to periodic wiping. Not too frequently of course, but not ‘never’ like is the current situation. The whole ‘i’ll lose hundreds of hours of work’ just doesn’t cut it IMO - at least not on the PvP servers.

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on periodic wiping?


Not many groups will want to start from scratch and join a server that already has one or multiple alpha clans. Playing a guerrilla campaign against alpha clans is not for everyone, it can be a rough life.

I still think FunCom should re purpose some PvP servers into Campaign servers. These servers get wiped every 6 months and when you make a character it starts at level 60.

All for 6 monthly wipes but i think starting chars at 60 really defeats the purpose and nullifies a vast amount of the games potential enjoyment.

Given many clans relocate servers on a regular basis due to coming off on the wrong side of a raid, starting out fresh tends to inject people with new enthusiasm- despite what many say when asked.


People log into a server, level up to 30-40 then get wiped by established clans soon has they have something worth taking. Then they quit. This is why most servers are deserted


With almost 3000hrs on PVP, I concur.
We have too much crap now, too many bases. Yes, its 3 months of work, but I do agree with everything you said.


Do you think there is anyway the devs could tweak the purge mechanic, to truly being a purge that might target an alpha clan and hit hard… could give the up n comers a chance to catch up?

Like a world event, every 3 months expect the ultimate T4 purge…

I’m interested if the purge can be ever utilised as a server balancing tool I guess… they leave corruption, like hauntings that would force a clan to rebuild elsewhere on the map. Could shake things up a bit?

Solo players will never beat a group of organised players, but of your playing on a PVP server with no intention to ‘clan up’ yourself, maybe PVE-C is where you’d should be playing…

But it’s a fine line… I get to play 4 hours a day max during the week due to work… another single player who is on 16 hours a day will always be better geared, in a shorter time… should I be asking for balance for that? You would all think I was crazy…

6 players working together will always be more productive, I say group up get social but let the world (server) balance itself

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i think the new bomb mat adjustment and door nerf are kind of a soft wipe. controlled by players of course, but this has already ruffled the fat cat “alpha” clans. They actually have to fight now and pay attention to their s**tstone farm bases.

I like it. would like more things that make them uncomfortable on PVP officials.
And i have been one. just got bored of farm T4’s, dragon powder, steel reinforcements , and insulated just to put in chest. non stop once we got major control of server.
Enjoy the nomad part of server hopping now. build up, fight the alpha. Not troll, but actually try to make them engage in melee and raiding.

Yep. Too many base pieces leads to lag. Simple. As Official servers do not have active admin (completely impractical/borderline impossible to do on official), wiping is the most viable solution. Unless FunCom find Admins prepared to patrol Official servers, like mini demigods, clearing junk, Wipes are the only realistic option.

I couldn’t really care less about the other survival games like ark, the ark dlc, atlas, or rust, etc so I don’t know how they deal with spam builds, viral raids and server ‘takeovers’? I see to remember hearing that they do ‘patches’ or things that wipe servers occasionally?

I do private.

On the private servers I have played or run, there are always periodic wipes, but also active admin’ing too that keeps abuse minimal. Players that really go to town and try abuse the servers (after warnings, etc) of course get wiped and, should that not work, are eventually banned. I have found that setting abusers to level 1 as a first warning serves enough of a deterrent. Otherwise it’s dodge lightning bolts time.

Yeah I totally agree. I think it goes further now too - i’ve realised last night with the brimstone changes, it’s drastically reducing the ability to farm up billions of T3 foundations by bottle-necking steel reinforcements. You’re now collecting essentially half as much brimstone per run meaning cranking out steel is still possible, but far more limited. Rather than just spamming T3, it’s going to need to be more considered. A really good balancing change IMO. I really like where it’s going.

To get more T3 you have to farm more, and let’s face it, many alpha’s become lazy when they’re on top and as you say, tend to ignore their little farm bases or even farming, in favour of just taking the resources from smaller clans and solos. These changes combined with the event log change really change the playing field.


People log into a server, level up to 30-40 then get wiped by established clans soon has they have something worth taking. Then they quit. This is why most servers are deserted

I have leveled a character to 60 at least a dozen times I have already experienced the enjoyment of leveling to 60, on a PvP server the game actually starts at 60.

Yeah but that’s a problem with this type of game, not Conan. I’ve seen this in ARK, I’ve seen it in Atlas. It’s frustrating as hell.

Conan is one of the more forgiving games in this regard too. People need to harden the hell up and rebuild. It doesnt take long to re-establish. It’s a lot easier to create a new base in Conan whereas in a game like ARK you literally cant hide with flyers scouting from high up for miles and miles in every direction - a lot harder to be found on foot, even with obelisk travel.

It’s true and i’ve heard that arguement many times having also levelled many characters. But if you want to skip the levelling process, there’s a plethora of unofficial servers that cater to exactly that kind of gameplay. They dont tend ot hold onto their players though because fast levelling, fast gather and the like also nullifies any value in what you’re farming.

Why should I buy a game and play on unofficial servers, if I spent a lot of effort to get the 60th level and want to enjoy it?
If you like to swing, go up to 60, delete the character and swing again, even to nausea. Maybe it is easier than pushing the same players who bought the game and want to play? If you like it, delete, change servers or go to unofficial servers yourself.

As for the wipes, I have already played 4000 hours from the earliest version. I played only 3 servers during this time. One was pvp, the rest is pve-conflict.
Perhaps for pvp it makes sense - wipes. But definitely not for pve.
In general, this game is beautiful because there are no wipes here. It attracted me first of all, otherwise I would never have stepped on the official servers, but created my own.

In fact:
pve and pve-conflict is chosen by players who want to develop without haste. Not everyone has 100500 hours to spend at the computer, but why should they lose the fun of the game? For example, I love to build beautiful and large-scale facilities, I love to help other players, share experiences and help resources. I have been going to this goal for a long time and successfully implement it. I am against wipes in this game. They do not make sense. I want to build my castle for years slowly and enjoy the process. I want to bring comrades and show my building. I want others to enjoy the amenities and the view.
I do not want to sit for days and think about whether I have time or do not have time to complete. Or maybe I will complete, and then wipe? Players will not have a powerful incentive to develop and strive for beautiful things on pve servers. This will kill them, as well as pvp, now I will explain why.

By pvp servers:
There are two types of content for militant players.

  1. You start almost at the same time and strive to overtake each other. This turns into an ordinary race, who is faster - there are plenty of such games and content. You can also go to unofficial servers.
  2. You start in an unknown world, do not know the order, do not know anything, except the number of players. You will learn gradually and watch the world. Perhaps you will join the alpha clans and become a good fighter or, on the contrary, will you be a lone hero who can hide from the alpha clans and fight them off or annoy them? Those who stayed in one place without movement. The choice is yours. Nobody rushes you. You can join in and destroy the clan from the inside.
    Here you should pay attention to the rights. Now they do not work as it should. This is a problem not only for pvp, but also for pve. Most play alone, because they simply can not accept an unknown player who can destroy everything. It is not interesting and it is better to pay attention to this, and not to wipes.

If you can not achieve something on the pvp server, this is not a problem in the game time, this is a problem in the balance configuration.
Now, fortifications have become wool. Bombs fell in half. Break alpha clans, they will not be able to defend themselves. Sooner or later, it exhausts them.

Bottom line: pve and pve-conflict is uniquely against wipes.
pvp server - if only a separate type of server. PvP-Armageddon, for example. When the apocalypse of the world is inevitable, a good option.

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