PVP servers should be periodically wiped

One of the things that’s frustrating when joining a pvp server is that they are often already overflowing with structures and a new person is merely a potential victim to the large clans or is forced to join them (if even possible). Over time people place foundations to block resources, litter the map with abandoned structures, and all the “prime” building locations can be taken, leaving the new person with a very compromised position, especially after having leveled up in noob river where they learned the ropes only to find out they are hamstrung when venturing further.

I would think periodic server wipes every quarter would be in order. 3 months is plenty of time to build a mega base cooperatively, or even by yourself if you spend the time, and people would be able to raid when bases are not impenetrable fortresses to keep the raiding interesting. You would still have the occasional dude who spams foundations in the beginning but I would think as time goes on, this would be less frequent with periodic resets.

It may go against some initial promise that was made but I think that promise could be said to be excusable if it wasnt made with all the facts; facts that I’m sure Funcom has collected since release in the form of server complaints, customer feedback, etc. I’m also aware that I may be the outlier, but I think if people respond (response or just a heart) it would also be some datapoint for Funcom on the idea. Some are going to hate it, and some are going to be ambivalent, but I think it would be important to see how many people want it compared to the player base.

There are many PvP servers that are low population and are basically in a fresh wipe state. Play on one of them and leave current people playing alone.

Low population may have a reason. I joined one the other day thinking this very thing, only to find it was in fact developed, foundations spammed in key locations, and no one was playing… Just doing some and not others wouldnt have a positive result. The large clans would still congregate on the ones that dont do it.

Server wipes would also have the added benefit of needing to maintain fewer servers.

May be the solution is not a wipe but a very very very hard purge every month for all players. The Purge day, last 6 hours.

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