Question: Reset official server every X time?

Is it true ? I heard that Funcom will reset the official server every X times … So if I built a castle with my clan on the official server, it will be destroyed after X time? I do not mean purge. But a server reset every X times.

Thank you for your answers :wink:

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Where were you told this? We’re going to wipe the official servers before launch, but we’re not going to wipe the databases again unless it’s absolutely necessary.

The servers reboot every 24 hours (5am local server time), but the database doesn’t wipe or roll back when they reboot. :slight_smile:


so sad they remove this.

when server wipe, it’s like a new game+, you start the game again but with a different localtion, different base, almost everything is “new”, this feeling was good, so sad they remove it

If you’r looking for a way to start a fresh just collect all the artifacts and complete the game.

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it"s not the same, begging when everyone is lvl 1 is good, begin lvl 1 when everyone is 60 is not good :stuck_out_tongue:

when you start on a fresh server, it’s a fun race between all player to be lvl 60, have good spot, etc…

This game would die very quickly if they did that on every server. I really doubt the majority of players would think it would be fun to have their homes and forts totally wiped away after months of dedicated time and hard work. Starting over again at level 1 after finally reaching level 60 and working hard to establish a home or fort doesn’t sound fun at all. You must love punishment lol

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Can you guys put a 10 minute warning on our screens?

That would be amazing.