Official Server Wipes/Resets

I assume that all official servers are going to be reset on launch day. Will that be the last wipe/reset or will they reset servers every so often? I been on a lot of the official servers and there is stuff built everywhere and much seems abandoned. I can see all of this legacy items being a burden over time.

The Decay system will take care of those.

Well hopefully.
It completely depends on how long decay needs to apply.
Your base has been abandoned for 4 weeks with a neighbor who loves to tear decayed buildings apart? Fret not, one month wont be enough to make your building disappear.

I think there are only a few reasons why a building would be left alone for that kind of duration.
Illness, accident+hospital, private stuff and so on.
Those people have better things in their mind than some stupid game. Of course they are glad if their buildings havent vanished, but I doubt they would be angry because of lost stuff.

This is why I would ask for a decay time cap of 2 weeks. But not months.
System should delete a building after it survived a month, maybe after 6 weeks.

So after launch official servers wont have any wipes? That good to know. I was think that they were going to reset them every few months but that must have been about just EA

The only reason I can think of that the official servers will need to be wiped after launch would be if there was a massive exploit that would need to be removed, like avatar token duplicating or something similar.

There is no official stance on this that I have seen but I would imagine they would only need to restart servers once in a while for maintenance and only really wipe for exploits as @Ran-san said.

They added purge system to do something that even decay system can’t.

The Purge system will only work on active clan bases not on empty/dead clan/individual buildings.

Official servers will wipe for launch, and they will have pretty aggressive decay settings so that they don’t get flooded with too much abandoned stuff. :slight_smile:

Was it a single foundation piece your clan placed or some other clan placed?

Right so an Item you placed got attacked when the Purge happened on you?

OK I believe the question asked was about empty random bases that have fallen to raiding being removed. If the person/clan is active the Purge could do this however if the person/clan is not active they are not going to be able to build their Purge meter.

You are right true, forgot about the purge meter fact. You can’t get enough purge meter by just spamming few t1 buildings.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:
(Though I am kind of interested what “pretty aggressive decay settings” means. Also what kind of changes will come to purge, as they are way too rare? (24 purges on each affected day compared to maybe 150+ players (EU 2 had almost 180 on some day) is low.))

Standard decay settings means a single T1 foundation will decay in 1 hour. That time is increased based on the size of the building and the tier of materials and can extend the period before decay sets in up to 7 days. After that the pieces may be dismantled, and if they remain decayed for long enough they will simply vanish.

Patch Notes from #33

Additionally on all official servers we are changing the decay settings such that max decay value is 6 days after which the structure will be abandoned (any player can interact with and remove the structure), and after 1 day of being abandoned, the structure gets removed automatically by the system.

So, 6 days away and your stuff could be gone… 7 days away and your stuffz will be gone.

Oh. I completely oversaw that one. O.O
I will leave it to other peoples thoughts, but maybe that is a little too harsh.
But okay, it really is very aggressive.