Launch day question

I have briefly looked through the fourms but didn’t see anything about if they will wipe the servers on launch day and have us start over? In a way it would be good if they did a server wipe to get rid of all the unoccupied buildings and equipment everywhere. On the other hand I probably would stop playing now and wait until launch day to continue playing. I am putting in a lot of time and effort to make my building the way I want it. Just hoping someone has an answer to this either way. Thanks!!

Official servers yes, private servers no

Private servers would be foolish not to wipe and flush. I understand some don’t want to lose community members, but there isn’t a huge grind to get back into the mix and the game is changing immensely. Those that haven’t tried the testlive over the last month will be astonished at the improvements and added content. Official launch is a perfect time for everyone to start fresh on equal footing (and yes, obviously all official servers will be wiped). :smiley:

Thanks all!!!