Will there be a wipe of some official server for mont release?

  • yes
  • no

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Hi everyone,

Today what don’t make me play on official serveur is that it’s almost impossible to be competitive with player that are on the same serveur for a loooooooooong time.
And on PVP server it’s a big disaventage, whatever you will build, they will have enougth explosive to be able to wipe you to the ground in less time that you can count.

I know that if you comme with many friend that can play h24 and 7 day a week you can do it but that not my case.

So i was hopping that some PVP official server gonna wipe for the mont realease.
Am I the only one to hopping for a wipe of officale ?


Make the thread new where you explicit ONLY ask for PvP wipe in the TITLE…

And a 3rd option “not PvP not care”. :smiley:

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There will be no wipe of any official server. Private servers are, as always, free to wipe or not as they please, irrespective of this or any patch.

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they should reduce number of server and wipe some of them, it’s useless to get as much as we have today with 0 player on them.

And yes i know that my poll is laking of some answer

Hmm, what are you speaking about ?

I’m not asking for a wipe of all server, just some of them so you don’t need to act like this.

There’s empty servers. They’re pretty much wiped.

Because im sick of people like yourself screaming to wipe servers because you dont have a investment on them, theres plenty of empty servers that are just the same as being wiped go create a character on them, wiping wont bring players back as whats stopping them from already creating a character on a server that is already empty, you wanna wipe a populated server lol guess what it wont be populated after a wipe either. Only idiots think wiping a server will bring players back, the players that are loyal an actually like the game are still playing it, if your only reason for not playing is because you are waiting for a server wipe whats stopping them playing on empty servers that are the same as a server wipe.

I voted no. the new Treb mechanic along with shields being vulnerable to them will allow people to now take the fight to alpha’s who have used the turtle bubbles to build up hoards. TBH, they may not remember how to fight, and just hammering everyday with a few hundred stones from out of render may just the fun i want:)

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