Wipe ALL Officials :)

A remaining player base the spends as many hours complaining in the forums about map exploits, floating thralls, obelisk blocking, disappearing items, LAG, poor FPS and much more. If this is how you want to keep going then the game will die anyway.

Why does the server I am playing on is #1 atm?
Because it is populated by many experienced PVP players with the ‘right’ mindset towards PVP, decent admins and high XP and farm rates to catch up and some more. There is a 10vs10 players maximum rule that motivates clans to form temporary alliances versus other clans…

The scenario atm on officials:
Server 1 - Alpha clan A: ‘We rule! No one challenges us. And on the other hand, we like our status quo, our bases, our progress and we don’t want to start from scratch to find entertainment in fighting a real challenger.’
Server 2 - Alpha clan B: ‘We rule! No one challenges us. And on the other hand…’
Server 3 - Alpha clan C: ‘We rule! No one challenges us…’

The problem: Getting challenged by equally or stronger clans can be so much fun but on the other hand people in clans do have different approaches to the game. Not many will give a new clan endless time to build up and grow stronger. There is often that one guy that will convince others to crush the new clan.

Solution: Let those clans meet. Introduce ‘cross-server PVP’ invasions aka character (and item transfer) like in ARK. Every clan on PVP servers should always be in danger of getting invaded/raided by others. Now you’ll say: 'Oh, but what about all the peaceful solo players and small clans that will get crushed by invaders?" Well, you play on a PVP server, right? You chose to be a solo player or small clan. You chose your disadvantage. PVP is meant to be hard and brutal. Play smart to equalize your lack of men…

tl;dr: People don’t want there stuff wiped. They don’t want to leave it behind. Solution: Bring clans together by allowing cross-server PVP. Being alpha should not be a status quo easily maintained because it doesn’t help the game. A little getting crushed once in while (not constantly) keeps up the interest and PvP-interactions are a necessity to keep players playing.

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Can’t agree more, Cross-server PvP would really be interesting.

Last time someone said that, the chinese and russians took over and caused a certain indie developer to condemn over 700 servers to “legacy” status.

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Which indie game was that if Iay ask?


Furthermore cross server mechanics cause duping problems with the way servers save. Wilcard Studios had to put 30 minute timers on everything you upload… meaning you have to leave things in your inventory for 30 minutes at a time in order to upload it, and even then, there’s only a 5 minute window to do that, after which the timer starts again.

Not only that… but cross server transfers can cause loss of characters sometimes.

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I didn’t know about that as it must have been back when i was still playing other games like Unturned but thanks for answering my question.

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I understand, this is something of concern, instanced battlegrounds sounds “safer” I guess, I’ll create a thread on suggestions about that.

I think ARK tried to solve a problem. Fallout 76 will also try to solve the problem of abonded servers with their ‘server cloud thingy’, as far as I understand it. They do it for a reason and might have analyzed the genres weaknesses pretty well.

If there is not enough content, you need to make up for that by making the player on player interactions the content. No interesting content + no players to interact = leave the server and finally leave the game.

I once told John Smedley (former CEO of Sony Online Entertainment) that players will always consume content faster than it can be produced. This was back while Minecraft was still in alpha.
After Minecraft, Sony took this into consideration, and started the EverQuest Landmark project, where players would create buildings, which Sony was then going to use in the actual game. But you know…the recession, and Sony retreated back to Japan, figuratively speaking.

SOE was sold off to Columbus Technology, and turned into Daybreak and shut the EverQuest Next project down, cuz some lame ass-hat Columbus Technology CEO decided he could speak for all gamers in the world and deem the game “not fun enough to play.” They let H1Z1 live… which nobody gives a shyte about.

All the while, Bethesda created massive worlds and watched on the sideline…

Bethesda is REALLY really good at staying contemporary and learning. But this time they might actually be ahead of the curve, by making one’s base log out with you. That is incredibly clever. I mean… seriously profound.

And your definitly right @Ascay , players are lifetime worth of content roled into one.
Imagine you meet your future loved one on Fallout 76 by saving her from some griefer. lol

But more importantly… You can’t cheat in an online environment (for long anyway…) and the rpesence of other people adds value to all that you do, and all that you have achieved.

It feels alot more “worthwhile” than anything singleplayer.

I thought Rust players were idiots but this community brings it to a whole other level.

and here is a huge point missed. Lets say we wipe every 6 months (suggested somewhere in this thread)…

why would anyone wanna join a server when its going to have a wipe in , say a month or 2? nah they will wait, and the server become empty… players stop building and stop putting in effort near the date of a wipe, server winds down.

What a wipe tends to do is give new players a chance to take advantage of a fresh start, if that advantage does work out, they give up.

Then we get into month 1 and 2, some clans have built up a nice base, normally bigger clans at this point, new player have the challenge of taking them on, by forming other clans. solo player have to lay low and build up in secrete (if they are doing it right :P).

months 3-4 , , the wipe is coming, clans take all they have and have a royal rumble (fun for some, is that what conan’s about, build up and steam roll? maybe to some) , just blasting all they can for the next few weeks, solo players may as well find a fresh server, they needed more time to settle in…

…I’m am a solo player, take me about 2 weeks to make something stable, then maybe 4 weeks to make it safe, then i can start playing with other players, temp alliances with other clans, good fun, helping out clans, so they will defend my solo base… great part of the game, politics…

months 5-6. big fights are out of the way, people have won and lost, no point in restocking supplies, taming thralls and rebuilding… and wipe is coming. so put the crafting and building part of the game on hold till the next wipe, and if your into Kos, PvP, you just have random fights with who else is still around for a quick fight. New players need not apply

…and that is base on the people that would not leave Conan if wipes happen… maybe Conan server cant survive without a wipe, if that the case, that’s a problem, plenty of games out their that do the same (some don’t, they have DB management systems and the game can run years, with maybe downtime each week for an hour)… and funcom have kinda push the idea of no wipes… its a different game for a lot of people (I guess ) if wipes are part of the game…

If wipes are needed, and that the way the game works, okay then, but cant expect some people to wanna play it, cant have it all :slight_smile:


I think a big part of Everquest Nxt’s downfall was that it was too ambitious for the hardware available. Servers and users would need top end gear to even participate. I was in Landmark, but my system was a laggy mess, because it was not powerful enough. For this same reason, I don’t expect Ashes of Creation to deliver the full extent of what they’re promising, due to hardware limitations.

Conan Exiles is right on the edge of what modern setups are capable of. That’s why we don’t have more destructible environment (like digging tunnels) in this game. It may take several more years and the next generation of hardware before we can tap into the full potential here or anything on the horizon. :grin:

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Could you imagine though: Conan Exiles base building combined with the ship and cannon mechanics of Sea of Theves… (With everyone starting out in a prefabricated noob town, where you steel your first ship and go out to explore the world, raiding ships and exploring ruins and other players bases looking for treasure and supplies to create your own booby trapped hoard… (Or just stick in in chests and bury it while hoping nobody steals the map off hour cold dead corpse to find where you’ve hidden it…)

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Thanks to everyone for voicing your concerns and opinions on this topic.

I didn’t start this thread to be troll or as some have said “drunken” “mentally challenged” etc. I started it because I LOVE Conan Exiles and have played most weekends since EA launch. I have logged into servers where there is a wall the whole length of the starter zone, some with all obelisks blocked, some with Soooo many floating thralls they look like they’re raining from the sky. Then there is the Lag and FPS under 10 like that’s crazy or the ping spikes to 400+. Just watch the PVP YTubers they are not even hitting the opponent or been hit themselves it’s like you have to predict where they will be in next 200ms this is NOT fun “challenging” PVP it’s pure luck.

We all know that the game could be optimised some more and the way objects are addressed in the DB and placed in the world is not ideal but I have played a lot of UE4 games and they all have MP issues. I have recently been playing unofficial servers to compare and the ones that have active admins that wipe abandoned clans and bases and any map exploits run great. I even have my own test server that I’ve gone and place things under the map and errors the server throws are crazy this has to be causing some grief to official server performance. Maybe we should start a partition for servers to have admins.

I get that a lot of you have huge bases with lots of T4 thralls and Legendary gear and have put way more hours than me (I wish I could play everyday) but this is not COD or some AAA that has 20-30hrs SP and stays flavour of the month then you move to the next game. This truly is a game that we could play for years.

I’m suggesting in this thread that once Funcom have released AND fixed all the mechanics they want in the game that they wipe the servers and then and only then can we truly play it the way it is intended.


I agree. There is the option in the server to just wipe buildings and place able objects and just keep character data.

I think once they have made so many changes that a partial wipe would not be sufficient, but it would make it more acceptable to a lot of the players that hate leveling up. Personally I am finding I love the challenge of leveling up whilst on PVP

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