Servers for Siptah

Funcom are you going to add additional official servers for Isle of Siptah on Playstation? There is too few, all are maxed 40/40 during pvp hours, surely others cannot join and play. This is a problem, when can you add more fresh servers?. Thanks.

I would imagine they will review server allocation once the dust settles a little bit on the newness of Siptah and see where we all go to. Before Siptah, there were too many Exiled Lands servers for the amount of players. Siptah will grow if it continues to be a power house of players and consume the old exiled lands servers that don’t get action. At least that is what I would do…because an extra $20 purchase isn’t the amount of funds necessary to double your server expenses.

Yeah but if people paid for the dlc and they can’t get into a server to use it because of lack of servers numbers this isn’t fair. Since you can’t use the content that was paid for. Like right now, I play if official EU and can’t get on any one if I wanted to. Maxed 40/40 not one is free or open.

They keep adding a few I seen 10 first day now there’s 13 so it’s good to keep people congested and keep them full and add slowly

I can’t get into siptah at all keep getting disconnecting from game and i really want to try out the siptah map but just don’t have a chance at all

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Its been insane to try and get into my server to play during raid hours and because of it, we now were offline raided but what can you do.

Yes, the server I am in was 40/40 all hours of pvp EU official, and even before I had to keep trying for a half hour at least to finally get it. Why they don’t add more fresh servers is beyond me. People bought it and want to play!

I keep trying but it goes like it’s loading but then comes up with disconnecting from game or connection to server failed which is a new message from today i can get into exiled lands fine no trouble just can’t get onto siptah

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