New map looks amazing

It seems to be way more challenging with no easy access to thralls and lack of knowledge, I can’t wait to give it a try. By the way is the rhino mount only for the new map or can we mount them on the exile lands?


Mounted rhinos? Neat.

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Yes, it does! Though I miss the old dunes of the exiled lands a bit. Hope they will also give us the feeling of a 1001 nights again

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I think it looks interesting, but until I see the entire map & different biomes(if any), I’ll keep my excitement low so I am not gonna get disappointed if it doesn’t contain some exotic places too - Personally I cannot see my self playing completely in a mostly dark and cold world, but one thing I really hope for is that there will be no map rooms/teleportation to get around in the world :slightly_smiling_face:


Probably means next Generation console.

Check out the trailer contained in this site Frillen. It shows off some of the biomes and gameplay basics after the teaser.


Looks awesome!

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Yes I have watched this trailer several times, but from what I have seen there doesn’t seem to be any other biome than temperate zone like the highlands where the nordheimers live in the basegame, I’ve not seen any snowy, tropical, desert or jungle areas - That’s what I mean with different biomes :slight_smile:


The artwork appears to show a snowy area on the map room. If that is anything we can go by. We find out soon in the developer stream!

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