New character required, or can we play this with existing?

This is the worst news… I barely cause a purge playing just one, and now I split my time? Plus my server will have less people because they are playing on the new ones… This should be a whole new game sold. Why would I not want to keep my fav stuff with my character, and fav thralls to take to the new lands? This is not an expansion. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Speak for yourself. I’m actually going back to officials because of it. I wanna explore and discover the Isle of Siptah without any mods before trying it on a private server. And that way I can also skip the part where the mod authors are scrabbling to keep up with the updates and fix all the breakages.

None of that is going away. They can keep it all alive and ticking. They can also start creating 100s of buildings, storylines and other stuff on a fresh new map. And if/when the modders make the portal between the maps work, they can link those two.

This refrain is getting old. Let me ask you something: if they had called it a new game, would it have changed anything else you said in your post? Would it have made it easier to play both games and get a Purge on both? Would it have stopped people from leaving your server?

The fact that it’s not a separate game, but an expansion pack, will actually help you – there will be people who will stay on your server and use all the Siptah stuff that’s also available in the base game: building sets, armors, weapons, etc. That wouldn’t happen with a new, separate game.

But for some reason, so many people are mad that they are getting the best of all worlds. I wonder if they’ll also be mad when Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, because people might end up leaving Conan over that…

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Oh it’s not about me. It’s about what I think it’s going to happen on official servers. .

Again we will see if I am right or wrong very soon :slight_smile:

Your opinion does not make it the truth. There are other truths that are as valid as yours…

I wonder why? Best of all worlds? Apparently There is different opinions regarding what’s best.

My concerns is mainly from playing on official servers. I don’t do mods/private servers were you can’t 100% trust the admins can’t cheating or giving their buds perks.

You are right CodeMage, a new game would not help, but being able to travel between the two with same character/thralls would of helped greatly. Since hearing about a map all I wanted was more land expanding the map. Make the world feel bigger. It is just highly disappointing. But I can see they cater to the PVP, and the people who can play more per week. I am on a PVE-Conflict, and play 10 hours a week. I bought all DLCs, and like to build, and defend from purges. Collecting is also something I enjoy. This expansion ruins most of that for me.


I share your feeling @Goretech

I know you said English is not your native language, so let me clarify: “speak for your self” does not imply you were talking about you, it means “what you said may apply to you, but it doesn’t to me”.

Like I stated before, the definition of an expansion pack is something factual. It’s kind of like the definition of “software exploit”. There are some on these forums who try to argue that abusing a specific bug is okay under certain circumstances, and therefore it’s not an exploit. Is using exploits sometimes justified? That is something to argue about. But the definition of exploit is crystal clear, and you can’t just redefine it any more than you can redefine the Earth to be flat. You can have opinions about factual definitions, but you can’t just decide to change them on your own.

I don’t believe in “alternate facts”, not even when discussing video games.

Ignoring the context once or twice is an accident. Ignoring the context every time it suits your narrative is intellectual dishonesty. My usage of the phrase “best of all worlds” is highly contextual, and the context is the comparison of the current situation with the hypothetical situation in which the Isle of Siptah is a completely separate game.

EDIT: Clarified the bit about alternate facts.

Still my opinion, I dont care if you like it or not.

Are you calling me dishonest? (be very careful how you respond to this)

I quoted your own words. I have told you several times to stop twisting /changing my words to fulfil your own interpretation of things.

And it would have sucked for a whole lot of players, too. Imagine a horde of level 60 players storming onto the new map, covering most of it with new, huge bases built from the mats they farmed up in the Exile Lands, strolling merrily through all of the dungeons with their level 20 Dalinsias clearing everything for them, and then going back to Exile Lands to bring all the stuff back while those who didn’t want to fork over 20 bucks just watched.

That’s why I strongly feel that the link between the maps should be something for private server admins to decide to use or not.

My conditions are similar to that. When I was active on officials, I played PVE-C exclusively and I would put in a variable number of hours a week, but never enough to get a Purge on my own, without clanmates.

I like exploring, I like optimizing, I like collecting, I like the Purges, and I like hanging out with people.

That’s why I’m excited about the new map – I get to discover new ways to level, new ways to farm, new ways to catch thralls, new ways to defend from the game (the Surge), and there’s a whole bunch of new stuff to collect.

I understand you feel different. But I honestly don’t think it’s going to be as bad as a lot of people on the forums are predicting right now.

You know there could be so many solutions to that problem. ? For instance :

You could only allow Level 60 toons into siptah naked, and allow return to exilea lands with the loot and unique mats,

Hence not allowing thousands of mats from exiles land into siptah.

You could link it by removal of the bracelet as a continuation of your exile lands.

I know you don’t want to hear this fact but I can tell you there is a large group of people that wishes to have some form of connection with their exile lands. Especially veteran players,

Solutions can be many. And I think there is room for havibg a solution twith compromises that pleases both sides of the community. Because as it is rigjt now it’s divided.

Of course. But there’s always the question of what’s feasible and what isn’t, what’s expensive and what’s cheap, what is better for business and what is worse, etc.

Yeah, I bet that would be popular with everyone who is right now complaining about how Isle of Siptah makes them “lose their progress” in Exile Lands. Imagine how spectacularly glorious it would be to make you pay 20 bucks for the privilege of having to delete your current character so you can play the new content you just paid for.

I hear them loud and clear. I just happen to disagree with them about whether it’s a good thing to allow that on official servers, and I engage with those who are reasonable in their discourse, and explain why I disagree.

Sure, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that this early access is all about getting feedback and making the game better for everyone.

not what i meant, you could move your toon to siptah by removing your bracelet, not deleting the toon , moved , then able to come back (when you move there to siptah you arrive empty, when coming back to exiles land you come with the loot or anything you wish) . again its wild ideas, but hopefully some might be useful for them some might be possible, some will be expensive to make or makes no sense.

what we are talking here is how to make it better than just a divorced from the exiles map thing, that is how it currently is.

with this i agree 100% .

best solution; don’t allow map travelling. done

worst idea ever. if you want to sell copies you should never ever gate your expansion behind such stuff. I know not one single person which really cares about the exile lands remove bracelet end. so none of this players will buy the expansion becuase they can’t play it.

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We will see what’s ahead in the road, time will tell

Things mostly get flagged because of cursing and name-calling. If you cut back on those, you shouldn’t get flagged as much anymore.

This makes two separate threads where CodeMage and Palm522 took over the thread for their arguments. Guys, just play and enjoy the game. Starting over in Siptah ain’t no thang. You’d laugh at how many times I’ve started over in the original map just to test out a new base location.

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Having to learn a new game after two years is.

We like starting over. The first 30 levels are the most fun.

Apologies for that @randumgai The comunity is divided regarding concepts. I encourage people to wait for the reviews., and your favorite streamers (I follow both Wak and Firespark)

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Yeah, I apologize about that. When people go from thread to thread spamming the same thing over and over again, I tend to engage them everywhere, instead of doing it only where the discussion belongs and flagging it as off topic everywhere else.

I’ll try to work on that.

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Some1 has a personal problem,

Back to topic, : you need to start from scratch into a new game of you plan to play at siptah