So it's not an expansion its a new game!

So you can travel back and forth. But on different servers. So you just locked people out from so much. I know unreal cannot host 2 maps at a time. So it’s a NEW GAME! Calling it an expansion is misleading your customers. Your expanding the Conan universe not expanding the existing game. Look at WOW, EQ and so on. When call it an expansion this is what people are thinking of. You can travel to all new zones that expand a map. What you are doing here is not cool at all. Need to advertise as a new game. My clan may move on over 240 members. We host, we play on other people’s servers and we play on public. Very disappointed in the handling of this.


The Isle of Siptah:

  • requires that you have the base game, in order to be played
  • adds new content that wasn’t previously available
  • is sold separately

It satisfies the definition of an expansion pack.

It is perfectly understandable if you don’t like this expansion pack compared to other games. But it’s not a new game.


i agree a 100% with every word there bud!,

in practice its a new game, (regardoless if you have to use the same menu, same exe, its simply a new game that can be accessed directly from the old one,

content on map 1 can NOt be accesed by map 2 , and vice versa


It’s as much a new game as adding a new character in SFV is a new game, or adding a PvP map to a shooter is a new game. ie: it’s not.


Its a new game!


Totally agree,it is again a beautiful example how management only thinks about one thing: MONEY

I would gladly pay 50 euro for a useless cosmetic DLC to support FUNCOM.

But not like this.


More npc control now, check out rift to see what i mean.

that’s your definition of a new game? That makes almost every major patch in every major game a whole new game.

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?? In which game you lose your progress on an update, when you want to use a new location/map?


Will they delete/wipe existing servers? since there will be two worlds now ( two maps ) .


I’m going to have to concur with codeman here. Its an expansion.

Reminds me of old school expansions too. You know like Beyond the Dark Portal and Broodwar. Where they’re stand alone campaigns and don’t save your progress from the old map to the new.


No it does not.

How do you figure?

How is this different than Beyond the Dark Portal, Brood War, MW4:Black Knight, WC3: Frozen Throne, MC: Desperate Measures, Hellfire, HoMM2: Price of Loyalty, and various other Expansions released over the last 20-30 years?

I think some of you are confused what an expansion actually is.

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I bet they do. They have already confirmed they will be able to move existing characters onto the expansion map, so the plan is to release SIPTAH on every official server in 2021 and leave the old world map for private servers.
FUNCOM just can’t support a single version of the game, let alone two - they have neither expertise or capacity, nor desire to do so. New expansion will have new game dynamic systems (filled with bugs and exploits) like “It’s rain’ thralls!” or “Look, ma, the storm is coming!” or “dungeon vaults” - nothing like this has been done before and will require a gargantuan amount of testing and tweaking in the upcoming months. “Old world” issues will get around 5% of attention at best.

Diablo 2, Diablo 3, GTA 5 DLCs and to some rumors, GTA 5 will get a map update.

And please try to compare it with games which are at least some type of RPGs and not shooters or RTS…

World of warcraft?
With each expansion, you lose all progression if you want to advance to the new location.

I’m laughing at the people who can’t tell the difference between a video game and a map in a video game.
The people calling the expansion, a new game:


Pointless semantics.


Oh, you did? Then I remove it from examples…

There are examples for both sides… And I dont attack Funcom or players who like the current way of implementation.
People are different. I dont like it. I dont play it. Simple as that.

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I can not take my zombies ray gun or thunder gun into black ops multiplayer, therefore they’re different games?. I can not drop out of my fortnite plane with all my adventure mode gear therefore this is a different game? I can not make my fully geared dwarf paladin a panda warlock, therefore it’s a new game? Or can they simple be considered added game modes maybe? And still fall under an expansion?

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