Siptah have the new dungeon?

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Just a lil question ♤

Nope. Only new mechanics. New Event-Dungeon is Exiled Lands map exclusive.

In addition to the excellent reply by @Solome above, the dungeon wasn’t included in the ‘Isle of Siptah’ DLC because Exiled Lands is the core game - all other maps are either DLC (Siptah) or mods.

This is why, in my opinion, we need server transfers back asap.

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THIS exactly. Siptah isn’t a DLC if you can’t play it with the same character. It is a a different Conan game.

They will be back as soon as they work as intended.

Well it’s not a different game. Both lands exist on the same world. Siptah is where you get shipwrecked before you make it to exlied lands.

Honestly now that there are transport stones I wish they would allow players to transport to exiled lands from siptah and vice versa.

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Well they had a good transport system before for going between servers - mostly good. It was just fine for private servers, but on official I think they had too many complaints of abuse. They need to reenable the feature and simply make a setting for servers: “allow transfers from this server” and “allow transfers to this server”.

It would be even better if we could leave a ghost behind that would hold the bases we leave behind, but I just used a second account to do that, back when we had transfers. Made it really nice for popping between Siptah and EL.

There is a mod that private servers can add that sets up transfers, but it adds a little extra complexity. I’ll probably do it anyway if Tencent completely abandons the idea of transfers.

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