Just got Siptah

So since it was on sale I got Siptah but is it really true you cant play it from the original game? I have to start on a new server from scratch? I cant imagine this is true but everything i read and hear says it is why would it be like this why not make it like the biomes?? THe only reason i am asking here is because I keep seeing posts about server transfers so and you transfer back and forth form the two servers or something?

Yes its a new map and new character, you start from 0. Server transfers are not in the game at the moment and no news when they might return.

Well thank god i can get it refunded what a odd way to make a DLC why not just call it a new game… Anyway thank you.

Server transfers had some problems and got removed. There’s hope they’ll come back at some point since it’s a feature people really liked. However, no ETA currently. So… until then, correct, you have to start a new character.

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