Question about Cross Server Travel?


Alright, they have been talking about being able to go from one map to another, to continue on with your character. At first, many of us (in my community), assumed this ment you would just import your character from one map to the other from time to time. (Like ‘im bored here, time to play on siptah for a while’, transfer that character as is over to new map, like when importing a character from a game to it’s sequel, i didnt consider going back and forth from map to map, like on WoW.)

In todays dev stream they said they were keeping resources on the maps different, because they wanted us to need to play on both maps to collect scrolls and resources. This tells me that cross map travel is going to happen fairly often.

Is 2.4 going to launch with both maps on a single server? If not, how will this work? I play on a privately owned public server, will the owner have to purchase TWO servers, one for each map?

I’m sure it would have to be an automated process if you are requiring both maps to collect / progress, I cant see server owners / official servers manually importing people over for that. (which is kinda what I thought it was originally going to be, before I heard you want us to go back and forth).

Is there a post / article somewhere explaining how this is going to work?


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Not yet

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Being a private server owner and playing on couple other’s I am hoping we can come to some sort a agreement to have both among our group.

PRIVATE SERVERS: Currently, only modded private servers with Amunets Server Transfer you can transfer from one of the (cluster) private server to another. So if you have private servers, you can try out the mod. Please note, to function properly / smoothly, you will need both servers (or more) to have the same mod list. The servers that are linked up with the mod are the only servers you can transfer to and from.

I have a cluster of 3 servers that can transfer from one to the other (Exiled Lands, Isle of Siptah and Savage Wilds - a modded map). It transfers your character, stats, feats, gear and inventory. One issue, if you do not have a DLC but wearing that DLC gear (someone one made it for you), that gear will disappear.

OFFICIAL SERVERS: Funcom will release detailed info regarding their transfer system probably later this month. At the moment, its vague where we only know that you can transfer from Official Server PvP to PvP or lower tier servers such as → PvE-C —> PvE —> Private Servers. You can not transfer upwards, but can transfer within your tier. No other details so there is tons of speculation, requests, etc regarding the server transfers.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Did I miss something or are you referring to last month stream?

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