My Isle of Siptah parting thoughts

I dont want this to be a negative statement but, as it stands I’m already bored of Isle of Siptah, and I’m kind of done with it for now.

Things that a (pre siptah patch) Exiled Lands player would immediately notice

  • No Exile Camps - Effectively no way to get T2 or better thralls until you grind for hours, no guarantee that your grind will even yield any results

  • No NPC Cities (New Asgarth, Sepemuru)

  • Less Dungeons - Existing Dungeons feel like copy/paste or recolors of other dungeons with some exceptions, also everyone gets physically locked out of them once any player completes them.

  • Missing Resources (meaning some resources DO NOT EXIST on Siptah necessitating convergence trap kludge)

  • Cooking Functionally removed from the game (food is now largely pointless)

  • Temperature Functionally removed the game

  • Resources are physically scarce

  • Playable Game Area decreased (Loss of unique biomes)


  • Major increase of perceived ‘Grind’

  • Slowing of progression into ‘End Game’

  • Spending effort does not necessarily yield results (Leyshrine summons)

  • MASSIVELY increased Attrition
    ** Thirst and Hunger rates were increased
    ** thralls turnover (thralls die more frequently, thralls have reduced HP)
    ** Pet turnover (pets seem to die more frequently)
    ** player dies more frequently
    ** player losing own or thrall equipment
    ** player losing sigils
    ** thrall equipment durability loss
    ** friendly fire on thralls or pets even outside of raid hours

  • PVP Actually DECREASED on PvP servers
    ** because the grind is so high and things are now more expensive (no crafters to lower cost) the Devs effectively increased the cost of armour and weaps by 50%. People avoid conflict, hide, hunker down and dont fight

  • Avatars functionally deleted from the game (An infrequent occurance in the Exiled lands, but still farmable, the grind for gods in now soooo long nobody will bother, not to mention how hard it will be to get a T4 Priest)

Siptah Benefits

  • New Map Novelty

  • Increased difficulty? (subjective)

  • New Game Mechanics

Recommended Changes

  • Add more land area to Siptah or make the ocean biome playable somehow

  • Restore thirst and Hunger rates to pre-Siptah Levels

  • Remove Friendly fire on thralls/pets outside of raid time

  • Leyshine summons should have guaranteed drop rate of thralls at certain levels 500 SwChaos should net at least 1 T2 Crafter at 100% chance, 750 SwChaos nets at least 1 T3 Crafter with 100% Chance, 1000 SwChaos nets at least 1 T4 Crafter with 100% Chance

  • Do something more interesting with food / cooking, if you cant think of anything then just put it back to what it was before. Pre-Siptah cooking was at least interesting and FUN

  • Reduce damage of maelstrom mobs to all structures on official servers enabling “Tower Defense” / “Last Stand” type gameplay

As it stands Siptah cured me of my Conan: Exiles addiction.


I would really like them to go down this route if they want to keep the maelstrom zerg.

And disable the littering of bodies in the maelstrom, killing blow (either by thrall, melee or ranged, or bleed, etc) gets the +1 ??? directly to inventory. (No need for harvesting. No leaving behind a loot bag container consisting of black ice, brimstone, demon blood and ash.)

Lets you focus on the action instead of having to do cleanup so that the server doesn’t bog down.

I agree with the levels of grind being very…uh, shall we say, intense.

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Coming back to Conan and playing it on the PC rather than console it appears they’ve gone backwards unfortunately in many ways.

It has a sense of feel that instead of growing end game content of interest they’ve essentially lengthened the journey and increased the grind to make up for the lack of additional progression.

The game seems more unstable than previously encountered, it’s always been poor stability but some how become far worse.

Elephants you can 2 shot were a shock, glad to see they’ve attempted to balance that since, really backward steps. If the maelstrom gave named thralls and you could recruit level 2-3 from the camps it might make it more worth while.

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I am really close to where you are. My initial experience of Siptah was great. The environment’s nice, healing changes are great. But the utter grind posed by the entire expac, from materials, to thralls, to end-game access, is a huge turnoff. I get it - the lead designer thinks the game was too easy. It’s a shame he seems to be an adherent of the whole “grind = difficulty” school. They haven’t improved AI, or mob mechanics. We’re not dealing with challenging new bosses. They’ve just nerfed the living daylights out of everything and made it a chore to play.


Yeah, I agree.

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I would LOVE improved AI. ■■■■■■■■ would I love it. Thralls and enemies are SOOOO STUPID. Half the time enemies just sit there and do nothing while you hit them, or your thrall wont attack because he’s busy doing NOTHING AT ALL. Archers are nearly useless, many times they shoot arrows straight up, or face the wrong way and shoot arrows at nothing. The AI is so stupid and broken…

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