One thing I'm really enjoying about Siptah on the pvp servers

First and foremost, I am surprised by how much i am enjoying Siptah. It feels so different to the original map yet is familiar Conan Exiles. It is a bit rough around the edges in some regards, but the fact they’ve created a literal alternate way to play the game - I’m quite impressed by that.

But moreso - I am really enjoying the fact that some of the key resources like brimstone are spread all around the map. It’s meaning there’s not pockets of real danger which are resource bottlenecks like on the original map. The danger is more around the central tower and plains - but you can choose when and how you go there (even in the maelstorm if needed). The way things like brimstone and black ice can be obtained all over the map, I dont know, it just feels good to me.

It makes me wonder if the original map could benefit from more dispersed resources because it’d mean the map is used more, rather than the traditional desert/jungle->north progression. I like on SIptah how you can choose to setup basically anywhere and arent really penalized for it resource wise.

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