Siptah, PVP 1-0 PVE Battle Royal Map is not it?


I wanted to do this post to let people know about my disappointment. Of course, this is purely personal and it is certain that a lot of players are happy (probably PVP players), but I imagine other players are also disappointed ?

This new map is small and symmetrical with an unnatural distribution of resources (a real battle royal like Fortnite, we rush into the middle of the map; I’m exaggerating so little …).

The dungeons look more or less alike, we quickly went around them.

Almost no areas to explore, no NPC camps.

No different climatic zone or biome.

NPCs falling from the sky … what is this joke?

The storm in the center of the map could have been nice and replaced the purges if it could move randomly but no …

Too many MOBs placed a bit randomly without any real logic (except that of making the map symmetrical).

For my part, as a PVE player who loves exploration I am disappointed and I will not continue on this new map. But it discourages me from going back to the old map. :frowning:

The old map was wonderful in terms of exploration, why not have Funcom do the same ?

Am I the only one disappointed or are other players like me ?

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I am happy that the map is different. I didn’t want a reskinned EL map. Siptah is not content heavy but the devs are still working on it so I will wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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For me I’d say there’s some good, some not so good so far - but it’s (almost) all potentially subject to change, so I’m not too worried about it. I will admit, I’m not enjoying the exploration as much as in the Exiled Lands - I feel like I’m forever having to make extended detours round obstacles that seem designed to funnel travel through certain points (which fits with what the devs have said about aiming to create ‘choke points’ to encourage conflict - though I mostly took that at the time to mean things like the vaults and leyshrines, rather than the map structure itself). Sometimes I really enjoy exploring in this beautiful new setting, but other times the frustration is definitely there.

That certainly wouldn’t work under the current system - the storm winds destroy all structures in their path - which could be a real problem if it moved around :wink: But even without that, I’m not sure it’s something I would’ve wanted (but that’s more personal feeling - I’m just kinda sick of ‘tower defense’ - one of the things I like about Siptah is not having to engage in that style of play).

Overall, I’d say I’m with @Narelle - glad that it’s different. Sure, the content isn’t as rich as the Exiled Lands yet, but there’s plenty more to come. That said, I doubt exploration is going to feel much better, because the map structure will remain the same - but careful additions, tweaks to some of the spawns, could certainly make it feel a little more interesting.

Certainly Siptah seems a bit like a lot of the focus was aimed towards PVP intitially (though there are clearly many PVPers who aren’t happy with a lot of it as well), and there definitely is a fair bit of PVE content (vaults, maelstrom, surges etc), but it maybe needs fleshing out a bit more to become more interesting. I’ll probably be heading back to the Exiled Lands relatively soon, but I expected this Siptah playthrough to be kinda brief, with a plan to come back later and see what’s changed.

Overall, I’d say it’s ok - needs a bit more, but it is currently incomplete, so it will get more (whatever form that takes). If there’s one aspect that disappoints me a bit, it would be the exploration, but there’s ways that can improve too, even if the terrain structure doesn’t, so I’ll wait and see :slight_smile:

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Me too, I am for change, but when it brings additional or different content. I know it’s early access but I don’t see how this card is interesting except for PVP.
Like I said, this map is a battle royal for PVP players but there is no exploration content for PVE players. This is what I find unfortunate. I think other players like me were waiting for a map to explore and in the end it’s another game that is going to have to be found. :slightly_frowning_face:

As I mentioned in my post above - my impression was that some of the initial focus of the map was intended to emphasise PVP (but clearly doesn’t seem to have actually achieved that). That impression comes from things like the devs talking about designing the map around ‘choke points’ to encourage player conflict - which would certainly suggest an intent towards PVP, whether or not that has been the result. It is also, quite clearly, intended for clan-style PVE, as evidenced by the fact that the devs have said they are working on ‘making it more solo friendly’ (which implies that it currently isn’t and they know it - though certainly doesn’t make that an absolute).

I get that you’re being hyperbolic - again, you can see I discussed multiple PVE focused elements above. And you are not wrong - if anything, there probably is more new PVE than PVP - though there are also serious issues in some of those elements. Ignoring the various bugs for now, the fact that major portions of the PVE content can be ‘stolen’ by other clans, without anyway to prevent it, is clearly a problem (I’m sure you’ve seen the threads and comments :wink: ) - and you can, I’m sure, see how that aspect would appear to many to be PVP design affecting PVE.

The biggest ‘aimed at PVP’ element - at least that I am experiencing - feels like the map itself. (Let me justify that statement a little) As Enapets points out, exploring the map doesn’t feel great (from a singleplayer PVE perspective) - there’s just so much ‘funneling’ of travel through specific points, that it feels like a series of never-ending detours to try to get anywhere (I’ve literally tried to travel from one grid square to the next and ended up several grid squares further away than I started). The thing is, I doubt that is actually any better from a PVP perspective, but when combined with the devs’ comments about choke points to encourage conflict, it is easy to see where people might get the impression that the ‘map was designed for PVP’.

In all honesty, I think that the real problem is simply that Siptah is very much unfinished (as was made absolutely clear by the devs), but people keep expecting the depth that Exiled Lands evolved to over several years. When they find it lacking, a certain natural ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ comes into play and it is assumed that it must be better for a different play mode. (For example: in PVP, you have the option to fight back against ‘surge thieves’, which obviously isn’t an option in PVE, so it is easy for the narrative to become that surges are a PVP mechanism - whereas this is actually just an issue with the way that the current system is implemented.)

Dunno if that clarifies much, but there you go :slight_smile:

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This new map is really boring in PVE (for me). All the new mechanics mentioned above are not designed for PVE but to promote PVP and force players to enter into conflict. I participated in the early access of the Exiles Lands map and it was much more interesting from an exploration point of view (and yet incomplete, there was only the desert). Siptah’s map does not make you want to explore, everything looks the same and is symmetrical. For me Conan Exiles had great potential in terms of exploration game but Funcom made a choice: that of all PVP. Good for PVP players but for players like me it’s a shame (for my part I stopped playing CE and went back to Classic WoW - it is unlikely that I will ever return to CE).

I play PvE aswell
The map is n’t that much smaller and the map will be bigger in the future, keep in mind the middle of the map is not a building spot for permanent bases… but in the EL we have a fair share of unbuildable placed too.

Some things are better some things are worse:

PvP and PvE:

  • Conflict, you bump more often in players for both communities nice (jungle and swamp where always dead in PvE so does the snow area)
  • Better resources spread, various reasons why this is better for both, no longer you have to wait for the brimstone to respawn or the prime spots been taken…
  • The map is much much better for mounts
  • More buildable area’s simpler to build something you like in certain area’s of the map


  • Summoning thralls is a potential grief fest, you can’t do anything against it which is a big bummer.
  • The exploit of pulling mobs from the storm to destroy other players bases is one of the worst.

Can’t list much of the PvP downs or ups since I don’t play PvP and I can only asume.

All in all if the fixes are done I think the map is good for PvE and PvP, they told us about adding new biomes. It just had to be more grief proof and less buggy.

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Even for PvPers is boring. PvP wasn’t only fight on Exiled. You have to grind so much to craft some jars on Siptah without even a lvl2 and I don’t talk about trying to get at least a lvl 3. It is just a Battle Royale. A bad one for me in comparison to the top of the market as the combat is so repetitive with people charging on mounts. No skills required.
After being undermeshed last night, we will say good bye to CE. It was the nail on the coffin.

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