A couple of suggestions for items that need fixing after siptah/2.1 patch

Here is a small list of topics, that I myself would like to see approached by FC before any new content is introduced. As the title says, these are merely suggestions from a personal point of view, but come up in discussions on our server all the time.

  • Fix vault lock and chest timer - This is a very annoying thing, as you rely on vaults to get Eld and certain recipes and the bugged chest at the end really leads to a lot of frustration
    -Give us a reason to hunt Thralls - While I understand your reasoning behind the recent economy changes, give an incentive to encourage us to hunt thralls, if not unique armor recipes, how about cosmetic items, a certain statue, furniture, flag, anything that will want me to get this specific thrall
  • Fix upgradability of Flotsam building pieces to any dlc building piece and not only Stormglass
  • Make certain QoL recipes more accessible on Siptah (midnight alchemist)
  • Revisit the oil change taking into consideration seeds
    -Adjust crafting timers for new workbenches, some of the new workbenches take 6 Minutes to craft, this is just idle time with no gameplay benefit
  • Adjust decay timers for food and potions - If it takes longer to craft a potion than it has a as a decay timer something is off, also if potions like bestial memory now drop from bosses, there should be enough time to bring it to a fridge without having to employ meta as sticking it into your horse to stop the timers
  • Reevaluate the Hard Worker perk, Attribute build balance is thrown off in my opinion and introduces even more grind time
  • check placement boxes for new benches, they are almost impossible to align properly

There is more but i’ll keep it at that. On some of the topics there are probably different view points out there and this is just my personal observation


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