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I’m gonna start sharing my opinion about siptah because all in all I like the idea of stiptah. I just think there is a deeply need of balancing to make it really enjoyable. My feedback is based on official pvp gameplay with a 4-5 players clan grinding everyday.

Summoned surges
After doing multiple summoned surges in single player and around 10~ big ones we ended up having 2 T4 Crafting Thralls. The amount of fighting thralls and bearers you can get it fine but compared to the crafting thralls the rate is just really poorly. Collecting those ??? on a legit non cheesing method takes a while and the outcome is more than disappointing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to have all thralls in 1 day like you can do it on the exiled lands but my clan (and a lot of others I know) are tired of farming and grinding if it’s almost non rewarding at the end. At the moment you’re better up with just doing the “T3” summoned Surge because it’s better to have guaranteed 4,5 T3 crafting thralls than hoping for 1 useful T4 crafter.

Wild surges
I think there should be a small chance to get at least T2 crafting thralls from the wild surges. We have been farming every T1 thrall ones and after that I never touched a wild surge ever again. If I wanna farm for an altar I just summon the 50 eldarium Surge instead of walking from wild surge to wild surge for 6 npc’s.

The design of vaults is nice. I like the grinding for recipes but the empty chests at the end and the immense rng deeply need to get a fix!!! This is game breaking for me. Why should I waste my time in vaults if 8/10 times the chest at the end is bugged? Also it would be nice if you could make something like a summary and make fix drops for the vaults. Like: vault 1 can drop those 10 recipes, vaults 2 can drop those 10 recipes and so on. Of course it’s fine if you can get a small amount of same recipes in different vaults but the grind feels so random and not at all worth my time right now.

Building location
There are a lot of small caves all over the map which is nice for small clans. But there are like up to 5 “OP” spots for bigger clans which are very hard to raid especially if they spam claim all around their base or use several drawbridges. Other than that every base on siptah is super easy to raid. I think there should be either more spots or a balance to those op spots.

Quality of life
Having no way to get the midnight alchemist potions for skilling other than doing the RNG vaults is so annoying. I don’t want to use yellow lotus potion just because I want to go farm with 50 encumbrance(because I have to travel around the whole map to get all I need) and fight with 40 strength… making recipes like master weapon fitting or the oils part of the rng is one thing. But reskill shouldn’t be a part of that.

Landclaim and Follower Limit.
On my official there are 2-3 allied clans spamming landclaim and animals all over the map like the complete mountain area in E-F 7-9 is claimed. 1 clan has anticlimb all around 1 mountain there. That’s ridiculous. Siptah deeply needs another land claiming mechanisms and the Follower limit activated because it gets soooo laggy if everyone spams like that. We got constant 300-400 ping the past days.

That’s it for now. Sorry for any typo’s and remember that’s just my personal opinion. If anyone is taking the time to read that and got another opinion about it it’s totally fine.


Siptah in a nutshell.


The empty chests and the grind for highest tier surge with the very low chance on getting a named thralls is the worst…


I agree with everything you posted. This is what most people have been complaining about and want from Isle of Siptah.
I do have a list of suggestions to add for PvE, PvE-conflict servers:

  • On PvE servers, player made surges should not be visible on the map. This can only attract grief and toxic behaviour. If a player needs help with the surges, they will most likely ask in global chat. Player versus Environment is more like Player versus Other players that have come to kill your thralls and laugh about it.
  • Vaults should be changed so that players need to kill 50% of adds in a room before progressing to the next room. Right now too many players rush to the end boss. I’ve personally finished all 14 vaults in 70min (I timed myself). If a player can speedrun the vaults and lock them for the rest of the server for the entire day, it’s just grief at this point. There’s a clan that actually does this on my server.
  • Spider elder things should reward Greater??? because their hp is huge in comparison with ghouls or the demon dogs.
  • Elder bosses from the maelstrom should be marked on the map, at least on PvE servers.
  • The tornado debuf while in the maelstrom should deal periodic damage to make sandstorm masks useful again.
  • Convergence traps should be destroyed at the end of each maelstrom. This will actually make players defend them and not spam them and leave them there to generate resources while said players are offline. This is a thing on PvE servers.
  • Add obelisks near the ring of the maelstrom, inside maelstrom area. Traveling from one side to the other means you have to cross the entire island every single time which is tiring.

Thats not only your Clan, but rather players in general. Its a basic concept of game design. You do not put heavy RNG systems in the end of long farming sessions That will lead players to feel like “ah man, after this big time farming i hope i don’t get a terrible dro- okay, bad loot again.”
This is a very good way of making people quit, there is literally nothing attractive or engaging on this approach. You basically took an important resource hostage (thralls and items) in exchange of long slot machine farming sessions, and thats not okay.

And on top of all of that, comes the full loot pvp You might have your fair share of farming, managed to get the good drops, and might lose everything the next day, starting from scratch all over again. Your character level doesn’t help to rebuild, since its RNG. Your player experience doesn’t help, since its RNG. It is not rewarding at all, you don’t get a sense of pride and accomplishment when getting your named crafter after several surges.

That said, yes, you don’t need named thralls. You don’t need high tier gear to play, and everyone will be on the same slow and painful playing field. But thats literally the endgame of Conan exiles, you don’t have much else to do.

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Great posts above - thanks for your thoughts. It’s been therapeutic for me after I just rage quit due to grind and then buggy mechanics in the maelstrom. My fighting bad I can live with, my character stuck inside creatures with no way to get out and not even able to swing my weapon I can’t live with. Couldn’t even swing my pick to gather ??? after all that.

I agree with nearly all the observations and suggestions. One I really don’t agree with:

  • damage in the maelstrom requiring a sandstorm mask - it’s buggy enough and this will make matters worse.

Happens to me too usually I get freed when I press C for crouch

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