The challenge system for the battle pass is interesting, but can I suggest one thing

Is it possible to not ask for “10” of so many things. It can start to feel tedious. Doing something 3 times or 5 times for less xp can be less draining mentally than seeing 10 of the same thing so much. Hope that makes sense.

I do like the challenges being used as xp. In other games I played their battle pass is just farming regular xp, although that is not a bad thing it just doesn’t get people to do a variety like this challenge system does.


Agreed. Harvesting ten iron ore, or killing ten humans, is fine because those are plentiful; killing ten bears is a chore because you need to run around a lot before you find ten bears.

We do have precedents with rarer challenges, such as “harvest two frost lotus” (very easy as soon as you are able to survive the area) or “kill two lions” (very easy on Siptah, less so in Exiled Lands where there’s only one lion spawn).

The challenges should be scaled according to average spawn points so that you shouldn’t need to visit more than two or three locations that are not too far away from each other.


“Kill a mammoth with poison” is my most hated one.

Oh and “Craft a legendary tool”.


Oh, yeah. Terrible, that one. Getting a lethal dose in the mammoth at the right time without killing it with the attacks can take many attempts. Mammoths are annoying to kill even without this sort of handicap.


There are actually 3 adult lion spawn in the Exiled Lands, 2 of them have cubs as well (north and south in the western Savannah). Since killing cubs counts towards killing lions as well, you actually just need to find one adult lion with cubs and you can easily complete the challenge.

Agreed though, that some of the challenges can easily get tedious, especially if you have to travel across the entire map for some. Personally, after the initial excitement of completing a few challenges, it feels more like a chore than an achievement.


What i would like is to have to choice of Siptah and Exile lands on my challenges. It’s a bit annoying that i have to jump servers or maps to complete my missions (if i want). I do agree that the grinding part is sometimes annoying! Last but not least i would like in every level to have a challenge of visit a place that this will eventually grand me the last achievement of Siptah trophies. Yes i still haven’t get the last trophy of Siptah to visit all the island! I may have made the round of Siptah numerous times in many different servers and single player but never took the trophy :man_shrugging:. This because the game has the ability to forget that i passed from this point! A great example of the visit of @Kapoteeni on den to the abomination thread! I am pretty sure most understood that after all these years, was actually your first visit :person_facepalming:t3:. So a challenge like it may be more useful than kill 10 bears that you actually kill more cubs than bears! @Pixelcave the south lion was almost forgotten from me too, i have so many years to pass from this point, i always choose other ways, thanks for reminding. I remember my first days this lion made my life extremely difficult and i was so upset because i never manage to take my gear back and i didn’t knew how to use admin panel :rofl:. But maybe this is the reason i learned the game so well, admin panel is not always good, especially when the user can be abusive!


The one with the Well of Skelos is mine. I don’t mind doing the dungeon, that’s the fun bit. The not-so-fun bit is that the completion trigger is killing the Degenerate. And since the dungeon is, ahem

still bugged after all these years :rage:

the Degenerate dies on its own mere seconds after its barrier disappears. If you don’t manage to kill it in those few seconds, you gotta wait for a respawn…

…or just hop into single-player, admin-spawn the Degenerate, and admin-kill it.



Kill the cub too. Counts as a lion kill.

Well, you can do it all in the EL if you do encounters. It just takes time. I just spawned the damned things on SP. :laughing: I already cleared the BP and never left the EL map, but it’s a bit of a grind .

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All these years I thought it was intended.

When I did the dungeon the first time in 2018 I was really disappointed by the end boss fight. The ghosts died with 1 hit and then the barrier disappeared and he simply died as if he was not able to breath the atmosphere.


The last couple times I fought the degenerate, he actually fought. I thought it was fixed finally.

I hoped it was, but I literally had this challenge yesterday and I decided to test it again. I fought all the ghosts, then the barrier dropped and he started standing up. I brought his health down quite a bit during the animation, but as soon as he stood up, he just died and I didn’t get the challenge completion. Had to resort to single-player again. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I would recommend to everyone to just do the challenges with the 10x multiplier, the rest is not worthy, we just have to be patient. :smiley:

I could not see what you suggested tho, maybe I missed it somehow? // EDIT: They added “kill 5 of” something, or “skin 5 of…” lowered it, but I still dislike those as well.

I will share my experience with “completely sunder rhino” challenge. Not only it’s too little specific and one has to google for a while until he finds somewhere, that this means “apply 5 stacks of sunder on a rhino”.

But also when I got to the point, that with legendary maces it wont do, I got to go and craft stone maces. When my two thralls finally got those five on only rhino which will not die until it’s done, I got none acomplishment from this challenge. :smiley:

The same a friend who tried to kill mamooth with the poison… He was close, but right before the animal died, the poison got away and the mamooth died of bleeding.

I suggest to remove those challenges, they are non-specific, hard to acomplish, stupid and absolutely not worth the effort.

Use Lovetap. :wink:

Same thing: get the mammoth’s health low enough, then apply poison to Lovetap and stack the effect :slight_smile:

I think they’re fun, because they test your knowledge of the game. I prefer these to “kill 10 bears” and “pick 30 berries”. At least figuring out how to stack sunder without killing a rhino requires some ingenuity, rather than just trudging around and clicking mindlessly. I don’t need more grind.


Bears, mountain goats, berries… Yeah, they are horrible. :smiley:

It is still not very well balanced. I can’t see how gathering 2 crimson lotus can compare to such pain in the butt like completely sundering rocknose and other similar. You get the same amount of XP for them.

Although I like the witch hunt challenges. They make people to join the chapter 2. and do the stuff what this content is about.

I know you what you meant by the testing and trying. on the other hand it makes no sense from this point of view. Why would anyone sundered any animal instead of killing it quickly and instantly? What is some complete sunder for, in matters of survival?

Go to one of the king rhinos. They won’t die easily. As long as you manage to survive, you’ll get the completion of the challenge easily.

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Damnit… why didn’t I think of that? :face_with_head_bandage:

I tried once, on the black one. Not the king, but he had half of life in the moment I hit the 5 stacks. And got nothing. The challenge was not acomplished. After that I resigned on those challenges and rather reroll, when I get some of those.

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I mean, yeah. Nothing in this game is perfectly balanced. What I don’t understand is why the Conan Exiles community in general seems to obsess so much over the minutiae of balance.

I wonder if other communities are like this. This is the only multiplayer game that I’ve played so extensively, so I don’t know whether this is normal.

At any rate, I don’t think these things need to be perfectly balanced, as long as they’re fun enough. And the problem with this kind of game is that it’s hard to define “fun enough” that fits all players. Some will think that killing 10 bears is a lot more fun than knowing where to find lions, others will think the exact opposite.

They both require knowledge of the game. Where does crimson lotus grow? What counts as a legendary tool? How can you stack 5 sunder onto a rhino without killing it? Where’s the Tortured King? Who the hell is Valis the Loyal?

Some of these things can be looked up, others can’t, but they all require more familiarity with the game than “harvest brimstone” or “visit Sepermeru”.

That said, there are definitely challenges that have the same rarity and shouldn’t. I mean, defeating 5 tigers vs. defeating 10 wolves? Tigers are much squishier than wolves, so I can’t see why you would have to defeat half as many for the same XP…

Like I said, it’s about testing your knowledge of the game. It’s the problem with testing, in general: sometimes you have to solve a problem you’ll never see in practice, because solving that problem tries to measure your proficiency with things that you will need in practice.

In this case, you won’t need to completely sunder a rhino before killing it. The challenge is trying to see whether you know which weapons are non-lethal. Lovetap isn’t the only non-lethal weapon, by the way. There are others you can use for some of these challenges.

That sounds like a bug. I get the challenge completion as soon as I stack 5 sunders on a rhino. I’ve done it with normal grey rhinos, and with the rhino king, but I haven’t tried the black rhino yet. I’ll try to remember to test that later, maybe they forgot to add the black rhino to the completion criteria.

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Strange… I always got the completion, but I went straight for the WB rhino.