Battlepass completed

Finally got the BP done this morning. Haven’t had a chance to get THE horse yet but looking forward to leveling it up.

And this was done without admin spawning and about 4 days of goofing off with it before getting serious with ensuring multipliers get the rare and legendary challenges.

My feedback on it is that the challenges are a nice distraction and great way to stay motivated. The only thing I would want different is some level of RP creativeness attached to the legendary challenges. Instead of something like visit the Shrine of the Oracle, how about pay tribute to Set by establishing an alter in the volcano…or even goofy like swim X amount of distance and loot 10 chests or revisit each obelisk and reflect on how far you have gone and how far you will go.


Yes, let’s set a challenge that causes 100 people to try and build a shrine in any given area. Lol

I do agree they could use some revisiting. Harvesting berries and collecting feathers from vultures nests is just ridiculous. Still haven’t figured out how to fully sunder a rock nose without killing it. Bearer thrall maybe? I would like to see them be unique challenges that aren’t impossible or terribly tedious.


Oh the rocknose? Find a 1 skull and go to town on it. I was able to do the outer dark daggers well with that hp.

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Agreed… please no building challenges. This game has a hard enough time handling builds without having to add more spamming of building like several shrines in a location or something…


Sure, as long as it can still be completed quickly in single-player with admin cheats. That’s how I ended up getting to level 60. Not because I enjoy spamming challenges like that, mind, but because of the bug with the multipliers. The BP absolutely needs to stay single-player-spammable, at least until Funcom fixes the BP bugs and makes it stable, reliable, and available.

Oh, and here’s a bonus BP challenge: see if you can read the last sentence of the previous paragraph without rolling your eyes :smiley:

Lovetap. That’s also how you can defeat X with poison: get X to low health, put poison on Lovetap, stack poison using Lovetap.


My clan mate said that would work but I couldn’t remember if sunder was a part of it or not.

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Yep, it works. It’s a mace, so it applies sunder.

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Well hop in the Chrysler it’s as big as a whale and come on down to the lovetap baby.


you’re welcome…its a gift that will keep on giving the whole day :wink:

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Exactly this XD
Was gonna say the exact same thing

Either go to the fengs and find a metal rock nose and use a stone maul :wink: only hit it with two heavy attacks, wait for combo to reset and repeat. Works the same with the rhinos too


I’m doing that since level 25 and still not finished with the BP. I get sidetracked in the game though. I’ll spam 4 or 5 after the boosts are used up and then get interested in something actually fun. Before I know it 3 or 4 hours are gone and I need to do things IRL.

One thing I’m finding to be A LOT OF FRIGGING FUN; instead of spawning in the things needed or teleporting here and there is setting the server settings to that I’m 5 times stronger and in the Admin panel 3 times faster with God mode on. Then running around like a DC comics hero and taking care of business. Jumping down the slopes of the volcano and speeding across the map back to my lower jungle base and demolishing everything in my path, all in under 2min is a total blast!!!

IMO unless the BP is reduced to about 30 levels instead of 60 or eliminates the mindless grind elements, that SP Admin control should stay for sure.

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Man, you should know what I was trying first!
Crafted a qeapon, a stone club (low XP challenge completed yayy), and then went to a regular rocknose, I killed qith it. Whoopsies. Then the GREATEST idea of mine came: do the combo in the air, then turn around to hit the last two which applies sunder! I got up to TWO! Every time… Because I kept killnig them, or the sunder just wore off.
Then I realized: hunt for elite rocknoses/living mountains! More than an hour, no luck…
Got back to my base to repair my adventurer stuff, then I noticed a weapon in the chest: Rip and Tear - low damage, sunders every hit… I could smack my head into the monitor, but the monitor was expensive.

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The Volcano would be full of altars haha

The better alternative is maybe to knock a thrall out and leave them on some altar so they get a new devotee :+1:t2:


Will give that a go. I manage to get the rhino one done with a stone club on the black rhino.

If you have Admin abilities, you can also just set your damage to 0.1 and then go pound on any rhino you like.


Thanks! Legendary chests seem to be half full of Lovetaps and half full of Blades of the Adventurer, and I dislike Lovetap for its wimpy knockout power (and I also don’t like horsing around, so it doesn’t really matter that it can be used while mounted). Glad to hear it still has a use.


Can anyone tell me if XP earned after lvl 60 in the Challenges will roll over to the next Challenge season?

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I’m 99.99% sure they will not.